Bulletin – issue 16, June 2019

Issue 16, June 2019, of the Bulletin is available online at http://Bulletin.ChessProblems.caIncludes 5 articles (Andreas Thoma, Jeff Coakley & Andrey Frolkin, Arno Tüngler).

The bulletin is published by Cornel Pacurar since March 2014 and is mainly dedicated to Fairies, Series-Movers in particular.

62.WCCC in Vilnius

I believe many people share the same feeling, that the 62.WCCC was absolutely wonderfully organized in Vilnius! Thanks a lot to Lithuanian team and especially to Vilimantas and Vidmantas Satkus!

There’re some post on the official website, I tried to make during the congress. The final page for the 43.WCSC is just finished. The 4.YCCC was a great work to boast: Results (PDF) | Photo gallery

You’re free to use any of my photos from Vilnius 2019 album (with some accent on Latvian solvers, of course 😉 )

After finishing most of works related to the Congress coming back to publications on JF. Thank you for your patience! – Julia

Ушел из жизни Krassimir Gandev 12.04.2019

KobulChess reports as of April 12th, 2019:

Sad news: IM Krassimir Gandev passed away today

(12.04.2019) I am sad to inform that the great bulgarian chess composer IM Krassimir Gandev passed away today… He was with bad health for several years and today he lost the fight. Krassimir Gandev was fantastic composer and also good solver in the past. Here you can see more about him and some of his best compositions.

Gandev was born on 21st March 1946 in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria). 
He made his first steps in chess composition in 1966 when he met Petko Petkov in Sofia and the following active cooperation and contacts which he maintained with other famous Bulgarian composers and also with editors of foreign magazines contributed to his quick advancement in this art. His contribution in West Germany was exceptionally successful and his chess problems were published and accepted with great triumph in magazines such as “Schach Echo”, ”Feenschach” and “Die Schwalbe”. His style of composing was distinguished with his originality of ideas and perfect form… Read more →

Andernach 2019 problem chess meeting

45th FairyChessFriendsMeeting at Andernach
May 30 – June 02, 2019 ANNOUNCEMENT / “PROGRAM “

Thursday May 30: Arrival at Ristorante Bellini (Hochstr.39) or at the marketplace nearby; please note that Bellini is closed from 2:30 pm till 5:00 pm. Starting Friday May 31 as last year we meet at Hotel Stammbaum (Marktgasse 1, phone: Germany 2632 42670), being closed at Thursday, but room access is ensured. All 12 double rooms in Hotel Stammbaum are reserved for our meeting (75 EUR / day incl. breakfast), so you should book as soon as possible. From Friday after breakfast till Sunday noon the hotel will be reserved exclusively for us.

Quartz 45 & 46 are online

Quartz 46, October 2018, is online at:

The content: Virgil Nestorescu, b. Feb 8th 1929 – d. June 21 2018 | Anticipation or development of old ideas? | Provocation Chess in proof games | Leffie, a new fairy genre | Launching Quartz TT13 | En bref.

Quartz 45, June 2018, is online at:

The content: Exchange between Q and K in proof games(II) | A historical condition: Checking zigzag | Launching TT12 Quartz | En bref | AUW and e.p. in series problems type consequent. Bulletin – issue 14, July 2018

Issue 14, July 2018, of the Bulletin is available online at

Don’t miss Bulletin TT6 Award  p.674! The bulletin is published by Cornel Pacurar since March 2014 and is mainly dedicated to Fairies, Series-Movers in particular.

Пара слов о 61ом WCCC в Охриде

И снова к рабочим будням после чудесной недели на озере Охрид… 

Примерно такие слова я слышала от участников конгресса: “один из лучших конгрессов”, “совершенно замечательное место”, “гораздо больше, чем ожидалось”, “кто бы мог подумать?..”  итд… Полностью разделяю эти эмоции, изначально не имея никаких особенных ожиданий, скорее сомнения по поводу поездки в маленький городок неизвестной далекой страны.. но! какое же это чудесное место! Позже раздумывала, как приятное теплое место, дружелюбные люди, старый город на холме, урашенный цветами и старинными церквями, голубое озеро, окруженное горами, вкусная еда и живая музыка… как легко это все покрывает легкие недоделки в организации 🙂

О, да, надо сказать, это был очень сказочный конгресс, и не только потому, что находился в райском месте..  Нет, самыми удивительными были организаторы! Просто люди-невидимки – invisible men! Сразу напомнили мне 1ый приз René J. Millour’а, No.838, и хотя у Рене было 11 Invisibles-невидимок, а у нас только 2, но найти наших было сложнее! 

Не буду о содержательной части конгресса, она уже слегка освещена в последных заметках на сайте Скоро добавлю еще немного официальных фотографий на страницу 42nd WCSC. А здесь рада поделиться своим альбомом, можете свободно скачивать, что нравится.

Неофициальные сказочные конкурсы в рамках 61ого WCCC:

FIDE ALBUM 2013-2015 Fairies

FIDE ALBUM 2013-2015
Results in section G – Fairies

A huge work under the results of FA 2013-2015 Fairy section is finished!
I believe, I may say from all of us a big Thank You! to the judges – Juraj Lörinc, Petko Petkov, Kjell Widlert – and the director of the section, Franz Pachl!

79 composers | 297 selected compositions | 1909 submitted entries | 1482 entries with > = 4,5 points | 297 entries with > = 8 points