FIDE ALBUM 2013-2015 Fairies

FIDE ALBUM 2013-2015
Results in section G – Fairies

A huge work under the results of FA 2013-2015 Fairy section is finished!
I believe, I may say from all of us a big Thank You! to the judges – Juraj Lörinc, Petko Petkov, Kjell Widlert – and the director of the section, Franz Pachl!

79 composers | 297 selected compositions | 1909 submitted entries | 1482 entries with > = 4,5 points | 297 entries with > = 8 points

Quartz 44 is online & Quartz TT11

Quartz 44, December 2017, is online at:

Don’t miss Quartz TT11:
Since 1996, Glasgow Chess was very poorly represented and our belief is that this genre has a lot of potential. So, we are launching a thematic tournament, Quartz TT11, for problems with Glasgow Chess rules.
The tourney has two sections: a) fairy problems; b) retro problems.
In both sections, combinations with other genres, fairy units, are allowed, but Vielväterstellung problems are not allowed.
Send problems in an unlimited number to our Director, Dinu-Ioan Nicula, e-mail:, up to July 1, 2018 Bulletin – issue 13, December 2017

Issue 13, December 2017, of the Bulletin is now available online at

Don’t miss TT8: Required are compositions with one of the new series stipulations introduced in the article p.601-609. See details p.597.

The bulletin is published by Cornel Pacurar since March 2014 and is mainly dedicated to Fairies, Series-Movers in particular!

Solving fairy proof games: “Jacobi” by François Labelle

Dear retro friends,

I would like to introduce “Jacobi”, a new program that can solve fairy proof games. The home page is at . The program is a web app that runs in your browser and requires no installation.

read more…

I hope that you find it useful! – François Labelle

Popeye 4.77: выпуск 24.05.2017

Выпуск Popeye 4.77 анонсирован 24 мая, 2017!

Новые возможности, изменения сравнительно с версией PY 4.75, примеры и руководства, а также файлы для скачивания – на GitHub, выпуск PY 4.77.

Или используйте данные ссылки для прямого скачивания PY 4.77 для Windows: pywin64.exe | pywin32.exe | руководство на английском

Спасибо Томасу Мэдеру и команде разработчиков Popeye!

ECSC 2017 в Риге; пауза в публикациях…

ecsc2017riga-logoДорогие друзья, являясь одной из организаторов 13ого ECSC в Риге с 12ого по 14ое мая, я буду очень занята до окончания мероприятия. Прошу принять мои извинения за задержку публикаций на JF. Пожалуйста, присылайте Ваши задачи начиная с 16ого мая, и я буду рада их опубликовать!

Конечно, я буду продолжать регулярно обновлять сайт WFCC, особенно во время ECSC. Спасибо! – Юлия.

Andernach 2017 problem chess meeting

andernach-gestaltete43rd Fairy Chess Meeting in Andernach

The 43rd meeting of (fairy) chess friends will take place at Ratskeller, Hochstrasse in D-56626 Andernach as in the last few years, at the long Ascension weekend, May 25-28, 2017.

The (non)program will be as usual meeting, talking, composing, solving, …

As usual you should arrange your accomodation for yourself, but if necessary you may ask bernd ellinghoven (mail: be.fee(at) for support.

Invitation to Dresden: 60th WCCC & 41th WCSC

WCCC2017_logo60th WCCC & 41th WCSC

Dear all,
We proudly inform you that the official web site for the 60th WCCC /41st WCSC held in Dresden (August 05-12, 2017)  is online — please use it for information on the event and for registration.

The address is

Thank you very much for your support, and see you at Dresden! ∼ Thomas Brand

WCCC Official Composing Tourney (Concurrently 222nd Schwalbe Theme Tourney)

Theme: Fairy #3 – #8 with Dresden idea:

A strong defence by one black piece is eliminated, but another, yet weaker defence by a second black piece, newly brought into play, substitutes for it. Depending on how the strong defence is eliminated there are three main types of the Dresden theme.

Judge: Jörg Kuhlmann | Closing date: Sunday, 16 July 2017, 12:00 p.m., by entering problems directly to the directors Gunter Jordan and Sven Trommler, using this mail address: | See full announcement (PDF)