BIT 2018, Group C (fairy!)

BIT 2018

Belgrade Internet Tourneys, Group C – Fairy h#2

This tourney is devoted to the 50th birthday of the judge, Dinu-Ioan Nicula, and marked by Latin „L“ (for number 50). Thematic condition: „L-problem“ symbolized by Lortap and Locust. Helpmate in 2 using Lortap condition, and Locust(s) fairy piece. Other fairy elements are not allowed.

Entries (not more than 3 per composer – single or joint) should be sent directly to the judge Dinu-Ioan Nicula: by 19. May 2018.

Selected problems from BIT 2018 Group C will be subject of the Composing-Solving contest on Friday, 25. May 2018.

See detailed announcement (PDF) with examples and competitions Group A&B.

6th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2018 – Fairies

FIDE-logo6ой Кубок ФИДЕ по шахматной композиции 2018 – Сказки

Думаю, для многих предварительные результаты в разделе сказок – G-Fairies (судья: Vlaicu Crişan) – 6ого Кубка ФИДЕ по шахматной композиции (6th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2018) станут приятным сюрпризом! Победители соревнования: Золотая медаль – Борислав Гадьянский (Сербия), Серебряная медаль –  Петко Петков (Болгария), Бронзовая медаль – Борис Шорохов (Россия).

Мои сердечные поздравления авторам всех награжденных задач!

JURAJ BRABEC 80 JT C 31.12.2018

JURAJ BRABEC 80 JT C 31.12.2018

Slovak Organisation for Chess Composition (SOKŠ) announces international jubilee tourney
on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Juraj Brabec (26.5.2018).

The tourney is announced for twomovers with changes (new-strategical twomovers) employing at least one „oblique grasshopper“ (the name “krivý cvrček” was invented by Juraj Lörinc). „Oblique grasshoppers“ differ from the ordinary grasshoppers by the fact that they turn direction of their move in the following way: moose (los) by 45°, eagle (orol) by 90°, sparrow (vrabec) by 135° and hamster (škrečok) by 180°. Utilization of other fairy elements is allowed; the tourney will be judged by jubilee Juraj Brabec. The entries should be sent by e-mail to the address of tourney director Juraj Lörinc until 31.12.2018. | See detailed announcement as web page and in PDF.

Quartz 44 is online & Quartz TT11

Quartz 44, December 2017, is online at:

Don’t miss Quartz TT11:
Since 1996, Glasgow Chess was very poorly represented and our belief is that this genre has a lot of potential. So, we are launching a thematic tournament, Quartz TT11, for problems with Glasgow Chess rules.
The tourney has two sections: a) fairy problems; b) retro problems.
In both sections, combinations with other genres, fairy units, are allowed, but Vielväterstellung problems are not allowed.
Send problems in an unlimited number to our Director, Dinu-Ioan Nicula, e-mail:, up to July 1, 2018

JF Retro 2015-2016 — Award


Julia’s Fairies • Retro 2015-2016 • Award

by Thomas Brand, D-Bornheim

I’m very grateful to Julia for her invitation to judge this interesting fairy retro tourney: I’m convinced that carefully selected fairy conditions (more than fairy pieces) will extend the options for interesting retrograde analysis in the future. The most popular current example is AntiCirce with defensive retractors, but the general idea goes back to Thomas R. Dawson (whom else?), and gets more and more popular. → to the Award…

Published with a gratitude to the judge, Thomas Brand /Julia/

Судья JF-10/2017-03/2018

Судья сказочного конкурса JF 10/2017-03/2018

5 лет спустя… тот, кто стал первым судьей сказочного конкурса в истории JF, присуждавший более 200 задач, закончивший Присуждение в течение года после окончания конкурса, снова берется за эту работу! С радостью представляю судью текущего конкурса, JF-10/2017-03/2018 – известного индийского композитора, Международного мастера FIDE – Shankar Ram! К словам, которые я писала в 2012, Шанкар добавил следующее: 

  • С 2012, вернулся к составлению, судейству, написанию статей, контактам с друзьями-проблемистами
  • Текущие интересы: Приобретение новых гаджетов и портирование на них Popeye!

Желаю приятной работы судье и творческих идей авторам! – Юлия

Судьи будущих сказочных конкурсов: JF-2018/II, 01.07-31.12.2018: Kjell Widlert | JF-2019/I, 01.01-30.06.2019: Michal Dragoun

Czechoslovak Republic 100 JT

announce on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic

International anonymous chess composing jubilee tournament

Czechoslovakia 100

Sections: a) Mate in 2 moves b) Helpmate in 2 moves c) Symbolic composition without any limitation of stipulation and conditions, which in any way evokes the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic → see PDF announcement

Closing date: 30.06.2018 | Announcement of results: 28. 10. 2018 – 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia

Albinas Bičiušas – 80JT

sachmatijaAlbinas Bičiušas – 80JT

The Lithuanian chess composers’ society announces a jubilee tourney Albinas Bičiušas – 80.

Theme: h#2 with Take & Make and Annan Chess condition. Neither fairy pieces nor other conditions are allowed. Entries on diagrams must be sent by 30th of October, 2017, to director of tourney Borisas Gelpernas, Vytenio g. 27-15, LT-03112 Vilnius, Lithuania or by e-mail: Write your post address.

The judge will be Albinas Bičiušas.
Prizes: Lithuanian books of chess composition. The award will be announced in „Šachmatija“ in the beginning of 2018.

JF-2017/II : Oct-2017 – Mar-2018

Дорогие авторы и читатели,  возвращаясь к следующему сказочному конкурсу, JF-2017/II, я с сожалением сообщаю, что снова задерживаю его начало. Следующий сказочный конкурс на JF будет проходить с 1ого октября 2017 по 31ое марта, 2018. Судью конкурса я объявлю до конца сентября.

Раздел Retro&PG 2017-18 будет снова регулярно обновляться с сентября. Присылаемые Вами сказочные объявления на JF публикуются без перерывов.  

В 2018ом году я планирую снова сделать перерыв в сказочных оригиналах, и следующий конкурс пройдет с 1ого июля до 31ое декабря 2018, закрывая год и циклы WCCI и Альбома ФИДЕ. Время перерыва между конкурсами, апрель – июнь 2018, было бы лучшим для присуждений конкурсов JF, статей и объявлений.

Перерывы мне нужны главным образом для завершения всех присуждений после года безуспешных попыток совмещать их с регулярными публикациями. – Юлия

The Award of JF-2015/I

August, 2017

The Award of JF-2015/I

“In total, I selected 40 problems, the most I have ever awarded in any tourney I judged. I consider myself a rather strict judge, but this time I had no difficulty finding problems to include in the award. My main difficulty was to leave out many other candidates that were also good and interesting. I can say that it was the strongest tourney I have ever judged. Congratulations for making this happen.” (The judge of JF-2015/I, Kostas Prentos)

Only the first and the longest informal competition on JF, April-December 2012, had more problems and authors than January-June 2015. In 2013-2014 we had six 4-months tourneys, and the 2015/I was the first 6-months tourney. At the end of that period, I felt guilty about giving so much work to Kostas Prentos as the judge. Now, he writes in the award, “neither of us expected such a large number of entries: 169 original compositions and versions, by 57 composers”.

Today, it is time for readers to enjoy the Award of JF-2015/I, appearing like a booklet of selected problems… The 23 pages of the award include not only detailed comments for 40 rewarded problems (the comment to the 1st Prize takes 1,5 pages!), but also some remarks for 44 problems left out of the award… What an appreciation for the work of all composers!

And the last, more technical detail: the award you see was fully prepared by Kostas, with all the diagrams and links to original publications, leaving me without work… and words to thank him!

My sincere congratulations to the authors of rewarded problems and gratitude for all the comments, always highly appreciated by the authors and judges.