6th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2018 – Fairies

FIDE-logo6ой Кубок ФИДЕ по шахматной композиции 2018 – Сказки

Думаю, для многих предварительные результаты в разделе сказок – G-Fairies (судья: Vlaicu Crişan) – 6ого Кубка ФИДЕ по шахматной композиции (6th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2018) станут приятным сюрпризом! Победители соревнования: Золотая медаль – Борислав Гадьянский (Сербия), Серебряная медаль –  Петко Петков (Болгария), Бронзовая медаль – Борис Шорохов (Россия).

Мои сердечные поздравления авторам всех награжденных задач!

Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2017 – HS#Max2.5 Award

Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2017
Group C – HS#Max2.5 – Awards

“This tourney was a very exciting one, for both participants and the organizers. The initial idea was to avoid computer testing, in order to make composers train their solving, while giving solvers the forgotten pleasure of looking for cooks… This concept soon had to be abandoned, because Christian Poisson was very quick to create the program for

HS#Max, the new fairy genre that includes only one new element when compared with HS#: the last two half-moves ask for S#1 Maximummer, instead of usual S#1.

The average marks of the first 4 compositions stood out, and were differentiated with slightest of margins, from 8.43 (the 4th place) to the 8.75 (the 1st place). Since there was no single judge, some comments given by solvers were summed up in the following award.”

Petko A. Petkov 75JT Award



StrateGems-logoPetko A. Petkov 75th Jubilee Tourney Award
(by Petko A. Petkov)

StrateGems announces the Award of the jubilee tourney of its esteemed editor Petko A. Petkov (born February 27th, 1942 in Dobrich, Bulgaria). 

The director of the tournament, Chief Editor of StrateGems, Mike Prcic, thanks all participants and congratulates the winners.

“Forty-six composers, from sixteen countries participate in this tourney. I want to express my warm gratitude to the many of my friends-composers who sent exactly 100 memorable originals (for all three sections) for participation in my jubilee tourney. I also express my heartfelt thanks to the organizer of this remarkable event, StrateGems, as well to my dear friend Mike Prcic, who directed the tourney.” (Petko A. Petkov)

Michael Grushko 60 JT

The Award, 8 pages


“Soon after the closing date (May 31,2015), I received 100 submissions in anonymous from the director, Paz Einat, whom I’d like to thank. Overall, there were 34 authors from 13 countries and I would like to thank all of them. The problems included 48 miniatures and 51 Tanagras. Being the admirer of low-figured tasks, I allocated them in the separate sections.” (M.Grushko)

Award “Семь шахматных нот” 2015

7chessnotes2015-annИтоги годового конкурса сказок за 2015 год,
проведённый журналом “Семь шахматных нот”

“На конкурс поступило 59 задач-сказок от 21 автора из 10 стран: Болгария, Венгрия, Германия, Израиль, Италия, Россия, Сербия, Словакия, Франция, Чехия. В этом году уровень конкурса оказался немного ниже, чем в прошлые годы.” (судья, Михаил Грушко)

(English) WCCC2016 Unofficial Composing Tournaments: The Awards


14th Romanian Tzuica Tourney

  • Theme: hs#n/hs=n, Rundlauf of at least 4 moves (see PDF document)
  • The AWARD by Vlaicu Crişan & Eric Huber

16th Japanese Sake Tourney

  • Theme: H#2, Colorless Chess (see PDF document)
  • The AWARD by Tadashi Wakashima, Toshiki Kobayashi, Masato Yoshii

See Prize giving for composing and solving tourneys on youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNFsm7tQH10

37th RIFACE, the results

st-germain-au-mont-d-orSee the RESULTS of the 37th RIFACE (Rencontre Internationale en France des Amateurs de Composition Echiquéenne) which took place from Friday, May 13, 2016 to Monday, May 16, 2016 at Saint-Germain au Mont d’Or.

The 1st HM in Retros has been cooked, after the final judgment, by François Labelle with : 1. d4 a5 2. Ff4 a4 3. h4 axh3 4. Fd6 hxg2 5. Ch3 g1=C 6. f4 Cf3+ 7. exf3 h5 8. Fe2 Th6 9. O-O c6 10. Rh2 Db6 11. Fc7 Td6 12. Tfg1 g6 13. Df1 Fe1 14. Tah1 Ch6 15. c4 O-O-O-O” (Jérôme Auclair).

WCCI 2013-2015: Results

wfcc-logo-transparentРезультаты WCCI 2013-2015 только что объявлены на сайте WFCC.

Первые три места в сказках – G – Fairies:

  • 1ое место- Vasil Ďačuk (Словакия)
  • 2ое место- Juraj Lörinc (Словакия)
  • 3ье место- Ofer Comay (Израиль)

Мои сердечные поздравления победителям и всем участникам!

Также, мне хочется отметить Дмитрия Туревского, директора этого WCCI, который (ко всем своим прямым обязанностям!) абсолютно минимизировал мою работу, связанную с публикацией материалов WCCI на сайте wfcc.ch, от посылок участников до окончательных результатов. Спасибо тебе, Дим!

The Award of Krassimir Gandev 70 JT 2016

logo-kobulchesskrassimir-gandevKoBulChess.com announces

The Award of Krassimir Gandev 70 JT 2016

“One of the best bulgarian composer of all time – IM Krassimir Gandev celebrated his 70th Anniversary a month ago. Now you can see here the Award of his Jubilee tourney 2016. The level is very high and the judge Gandev said that preparing this award was the most difficult in his practice!(KoBulChess, 02.05.2016) 

The arrows of St Sebastian – Award

StSebastienThe arrows of St Sebastian – Award

Dear chessfriends, I was very glad to receive 36 arrows from 13 composers: Stephan Dietrich, Maryan Kerhuel, Ralf Kraetschmer, Rainer Kuhn, Ingemar Lind, Juraj Lorinc, Karol Mlynka, Dieter Muller, Cornell Pacurar, Adrian Storisteanu, Pierre Tritten, Paul Raican, Jaroslav Stun.

I decided to divide the tourney in two sections. Section A, the most numerous for the problems using fairy piece(s) or/and condition(s) and Section B for the “orthodox” problems.” (Sebastien Luce, the judge)

The Award (PDF) | Announcement with examples (PDF)