Мое участие в Турнирах WCCC2012

Мое участие в Турнирах WCCC2012

Этот год для меня второй, когда участвую в турнирах  WCCC. Выбрала 3 из них:

В предыдущем году участвовала в 2 из них – Bulgarian Wine и Sabra, а в этом году решила, что нужен же какой-то рост! Пришлось взяться за 3-ий! 🙂

Tzuika был для меня самым сложным, и задача для него на самом деле первая моя задача с 3-мя решениями.  

Особо нечем хвастаться, везде близнецы – увы!, но все-таки все 3 задачи есть в Присуждениях. А это радует! 🙂

  1. 3rd Bulgarian Wine Tourney – Kobe 2012 (смотрите также на KobulChess.com)
    Theme: H#/=2-3, HS#/=2-3 problems with „Anti Take & Make” fairy condition. Other fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.

    Julia Vysotska
    3rd Bulgarian Wine Tourney – Kobe 2012
    5th Hon. mention

    h#2,5      b) Sg3->c5       4+9
    Anti Take&Make 

    Solution C+ (WinChloe)

    a) 1…Be7 2.Sf5 Bc5 3.bxc5(Bd4) Sxc5(c4) #
    b) 1…Bc7 2.Sd3 Bg3 3.hxg3(Bf4) Sxg3(g2) #

    Usage of Anti Take & Make condition:

    – Sacrifice of wB to the pawn with 2 effects:
    1) moving bP so it can be unpinning-piece on the next move,
    2) moving wB to guard the bK.
    – Specific self-unpins of wS after attraction of the black Pawns on the same pinning-line.

    bS self-blocks. (Author)

    No judge’s comments in the award


  2. 15th SABRA TOURNEY – Kobe 2012
    Theme: Orthodox H#2 are required showing the following theme: A White piece “A” is pinned in the diagram position. Black can unpin “A” in his first move but it actually unpins “A” only in the second move.

    Julia Vysotska
    15th SABRA TOURNEY – Kobe 2012

    h#2      b) Sh3->g2       5+10

    Solution C+ (popeye)

    a) 1.Sg1?? -> 1… Se4 impossible (Sf6 is pinned)

    1.Sa4-c3 (1.Sb2?) Sf6-e4 2.Sh3-g1 Sc1-d3 #

    b) 1.Se1?? -> 1… Sd7 impossible (Sf6 is pinned)

    1.Sa4-b2 (1.Sc3?) Sf6-d7 2.Sg2-e1 Sc1-e2 #

    Sh3/Sg2 can’t unpin wSc1 on the first move 1.Sg1/1.Se1.

    Theme is realized with thematic unpin of Sc1 and additional unpin of wSf6. Tries on the 1st black move Sb2?/Sc3?    (Author)

    No judge’s comments in the award 

  3. 10th TZUICA TOURNEY – Kobe 2012
    Theme: Help-selfmates (hs#n) or help-selfstalemates (hs=n) where at least three units cyclically exchange their functions during the solution in at least three phases. These functions can be passive or active.

    Julia Vysotska
    10th TZUICA TOURNEY – Kobe 2012

    hs#2,5                               6+9
    b) pe5->d5, c) Be3->a3

    Solution C+ (popeye)

    White chameleons S/B/Q cyclically exchange their functions during the solution.

    Thematical trio: CSe6=Piece A; CBd7= Piece B; CQg4 = Piece C

    Solutions C+ (popeye):

    a) 1…Ra8-a7 2.cSe6-c5=cB Ra7*d7 3.cQg4-d1=cS + Rd7*d1 # – A guards; B is Captured; C gives check – A, B, C

    b) 1…Ra8-a4 2.cBd7-b5=cR Ra4*g4 3.cSe6-d4=cB + Rg4*d4 # – B guards; C is Captured; A gives check – B, C, A

    c) 1…Ra8-a6 2.cQg4-f3=cS Ra6*e6 3.cBd7-c6=cR + Re6*c6 # – C guards; A is Captured; B gives check – C, A, B

    Creation of masked black batteries combined with cyclic exchange of functions of chameleons A, B, C. (Author)

    From the Award:

    The third pinned white chameleon pieces Se6, Bd7 and Qg4 cyclically exchange their roles:
    – Active flight guard
    – Passive annihilation at black second move
    – Active sacrifice forcing a typical Dentist mate
    Unfortunately only the presence of the twinning and a certain lack of interplay slightly mar this otherwise very interesting idea.

2 комментария: Мое участие в Турнирах WCCC2012

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    I liked the Tzuica Tourney problem, as this very nice idea is impossible to do without Chameleon pieces ! (or similar conditions like Andernach).

    • JuliaJulia пишет:

      Thanks! You know I like Chameleons, so the idea to use this piece came into my mind right after reading the theme. But I dreamed about 3 moves at the beginning, couldn’t make them for several days, and came to the “Passive annihilation” and 2,5 moves.
      I knew that twins are a big minus. But couldn’t find any possibility to avoid them.. Anyway, I like this problem myself. 🙂 The both – 3 solutions and cycles – I have composed for the first time here.

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