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No.1  – finished 19.08.2011 – This is actually my the very first finished and published problem! Of course, this is the one I will always remember! It was composed for The 2nd Bulgarian Wine Tourney, WCCC-2011. 

I have spent almost a month studying Chameleon piece and trying different schemes. My composing was mostly intuitive – I didn’t know any themes, just a feeling of what might be interesting, which I’ve got from solving helpmates. 
I didn’t expect much from this problem, it was just interesting for me to try, so a Special Prize I’ve got surprised me a lot!
Still, I believe that the most important for me was to get to know Diyan Kostadinov, the judge of this tourney, who helped me a lot with the theory, advices, and his believe in me.

Comments to this problem are written by Diyan in the Award. That time it was really very interesting for me to read about what I have done! 🙂  

So, my the very first problem, Fairy(!) problem:

/99543 /

Julia Vysotska

The 2nd Bulgarian Wine Tourney, WCCC2011
Special Prize

h#2         2 solutions        6+9
Chameleons: Bb8, Bd6, Qe2, Sf2


(I) 1.cQe2-a2=cS cSf2-h3=cB 2.cSa2xc3=cB cBh3-g4=cR #

(II) 1.cBb8-c7=cR cBd6-f8=cR 2.cRc7xc4=cQ cRf8xf6=cQ #

The black Chameleons moves on the pin line and unpins the white mating pieces after his transformations. Selfblocks with paradoxical captures of the white pieces, exchange of functions between white thematic pieces, ODT. (D.K.)


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  1. Bartel Erich пишет:

    Als Erstling märchenhaft und erstaunlich! (->PDB P1304137)

  2. Bartel Erich пишет:

    KoBulChess 08/2011
    Sinfonie Scacchistiche , p. 19, 09/2011

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