JV problem No.103

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No.103 – 08-Nov-2013 – Light miniature, funny play of two neutral Chameleons, who jump away from their lines to return back in a new guise!

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Julia Vysotska

VARIANTIM – 2013, No.61 (Dec.2013), #2480

h#2      2 solutions     (1+4+2)
Take & Make
Chameleons: Sc3, Bd1


I. 1.Sd2-f3 ncBd1*f3-e1=ncR + 2.Rd5-d1 ncSc3*d1-d4=ncB #

II. 1.Rd5-h5 ncBd1*h5-h1=ncR + 2.Sd2-b1 ncSc3*b1-c3=ncB #

The both Chameleons ncS and ncB in the mating position remain on their lines, but in a new phase – ncB and ncR. Reciprocal play of the black pieces S and R: one is sacrificed to the ncB for its Take&Make move from the 1st rank and back to it a a new phase ncR, another one pins itself on the ncR’s line to be sacrificed to ncS for its Take&Make move from the diagonal and back to it with simultaneous double mate by two neutral Chameleons. Miniature.

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