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No.12 – November, 2011. If not the pair of two Knights – then Chameleons! It’s not for long! – have learned and will show some other things soon! But this is a very light miniature with neutral Chameleons.

996705 /

Julia Vysotska

Uralsky Problemist, № 68/2011, 1120

h#2,5*                         1+3+2
Chameleons: f8,h8


Set-play: 1… … 2.cQf8-d8=cS ncPg7-g8=ncB 3.cSd8-b7=cB ncBg8-a2=ncR #

1…ncPg7-g8=ncQ 2.cQf8-c8=cS ncQg8-d8=ncS 3.cSc8-a7=cB ncSd8-c6=ncB #

Creation of specific Chameleon-batteries in two phases after nPg7 promotions; unpins of black CQ and black self-blocks on b7,a7; bi-color Bristol CQf8 – nQg8 in solution; model mates. Miniature.

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  1. Rainer Staudte пишет:

    Hi Julia,
    please let me know how to spell your Name in Latvian.
    Answer by mail appreciated.
    Best wishes

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