JV задача No.17

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No.17 – 21 December, 2011. Neutral anti-batteries with 3 tries on the mating move. The last problem before Christmas!  

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Julia Vysotska

Orbit – 2012, No 54 (May-2012), F38

h#2        b) Sb3->f4       1+7+4
Grasshoppers: f2, d1; Lions: d8, a7


a) 1.Sc1 nGb1 2.Sd3 nGb6# (3.nGd6? 3.nGe3? 3.nLic5? or not also 3.Gb4?)

b) 1.Sg2 nGh2 2.Se3 nGd6# (3.nGb6? 3.nGd3? 3.nLid5? or not also 3.Gf4?)

Creation of neutral anti-batteries (nG/nLi) with 3 tries of a neutral Gs on the mating move in each solution, which gives a self-check, creating a specific anti-batteries. Opening of line (for the nGs) and self-blocks on the black’s second moves.

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