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No.28 – finished 05-Feb-2012 – Neutral pieces! A funny problem, where Neutral PAOs are “eating” each other. 🙂

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Julia Vysotska

PROBLEEMBLAD -2012 , No.2 (Apr-Jun-2012), #F900

h#3         2 solutions       1+12+3
Grasshopper c7
VAO g8
PAOs: f7, d5


I. 1.Sg3-f5 nPAf7-e7 + 2.Gc7-f7 nPAe7-e1 3.nPAe1-d1 nPAd5*d1 #

II. 1.Sg3-e4 nPAd5-c5 + 2.Gc7-c4 nPAc5-f5 3.nPAf5-f1 nPAf7*f1 #

  • Play of specific Chinese Neutral battery with two forward pieces – nPAOd5 /nPAOf7.
  • Umnov theme by black G.
  • A specific transformation of the initial Chinese battery using the black G (with one nPAO as a forward piece).
  • Blocking of black G after S-key-moves.
  • Reciprocal Zilahi in play of neutral PAOs combined with “Cannibal” theme.

11 комментариев: JV задача No.28

  1. SeetharamanSeetharaman пишет:

    I like the way both Paos are forced to the first rank. Blcoking of G by the S is also a good effect. Nice !

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    “Surprising Zilahi; and a remarkably lucid demonstration of the properties of two kinds of hopping
    pieces, of the paradoxes achievable with the use of neutrals, and of fairy irreversibility. This was
    easily the most satisfying of the problems which I solved”
    — C.J.Feather

    • Nikola Predrag пишет:

      Yes, very nice and inventive. White economy can’t be better :).
      Probably, I would prefer the overall economy, 10 pieces in total, perhaps?

      • Georgy EvseevGeorgy Evseev пишет:

        Yes, it is possible to have 10 pieces in total and also less different fairy kinds (with Lions replacing Grasshopper and Vao).

        For example:


        Solution is unchanged (up to Lion instead of Grasshopper)

        • JuliaJulia пишет:

          Oh, yes, significant economy! I have no time for any deep analysis now, will look later again, but my first impression is that everything is fine, except a technical neutral Bc1.

          • SeetharamanSeetharaman пишет:

            Great reconstruction Georgy !
            Julia – cribbing about neutral bishop c1 when you did not mind an idle black bishop at c1 which only provided a hurdle ?
            I am on the side on Juraj Lorinc who treats fairy pieces like any other piece, using them as technical pieces when necessary. Here white bishop produces hundreds of cooks !

            • JuliaJulia пишет:

              Writing about technical nBc1 I didn’t mean to compare with mine – it was just a general thought about the version. I agree, that my technical bBc1 is also not good. And I know that wBc1 produces cooks – that’s why I couldn’t use it.
              Usage of neutral pieces is always a complicated question, it seams.. As I understand, in general it is better to use them as thematic pieces only, but there’re some exceptions, when their usage is justified by some other plusses. And this is also very subjective!
              (I also remember objections to my neutral pieces in No.165)
              And this is true, bPh7 is not needed in case of wLIg8 instead of my nVA.

              I’m not sure if I’d compose it the same way now, but when this one was composed (February 2012), I had several points to make it like that: 1) I liked the idea of neutral Chinese battery as I had learned chinese pieces recently; 2) For the neutral battery I wanted to show how to manage the both – rear and forward pieces – to block the rear piece, and to make a switchback impossible for the forward piece.
              It sounds funny probably.. It’s like I was showing: See, I know how to do it!! 🙂 I really thought about new things learned more than about economy.

              I’m very interested in different views! Thanks!

  3. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    Preferences are different and legitimate. But first the possibilities of the scheme should be thoroughly explored.
    One more possibility:
    White BLh8 Kc2
    Black Gd7 Se6 Pg6 Pe4 Ka1
    Neutral PAg7 PAe5


    1.Sf4 nPAd5+ 2.Gd4 nPAg5 3.nPAg2 nPAxg2#
    1.Sg5 nPAf7+ 2.Gg7 nPAf2 3.nPAe2 nPAxe2#

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