JV задача No.33

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No.33 – composed 16-Mar-2012 – This is the 1st KoBul Kings problem I’ve ever had, composed for KoBulChess-TT-2012. I haven’t tried KoBul Kings before it. On the previous day I studied some problems with this condition I’ve found in WinChloe Echecs database. So, the next day after it, being still at work, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And finally, on the last working hour I’ve decided to try (yes, I know, it’s not good to compose at work, but….:) ). This problem is composed in about 45 minutes. It is the first miniature I have, and also my the fastest problem by composing time. I didn’t expect much from it, but I started to like KoBul Kings condition a lot, and finishing this one I knew exactly that will have some more soon. (This problem is already shown on the site in my Thematic issue Ideas with KoBul Kings)

99773 /

Julia Vysotska

KoBulChess TT 2012, AWARD-April-2012
1st hon.men.

h#2         2 solutions       3+2
KoBul Kings 


(I) 1.Sxa6(wK=rR)! Bd3 2.Ka3 rRxa6 (bK=rS)#

(II) 1.Sxb5(wK=rB)! rBe3 2.Sa3! Rxa3 (bK=rS)#

Activity of both Kobul Kings:
– the phases of white King are changed with the Captures of white R and B;
– the phases of black King are changed with the passive and active sacrifices of black S.
5-men problem – Aristocrat with ideal mates.

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