JV задача No.38

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No.38 – finished 03-May-2012 – This one was composed after publication of the article by Petko A. Petkov Block of Neutral Battery Piece and was already shown in Original Problems of julasfairies.com, with No.5. Here my neutral Locusts make all 4 possible half-moves in each solution!

A bit later I’ve composed an hs# problem, using the same scheme – No.14 in Original Problems of julasfairies.com

99801 /

Julia Vysotska

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.5

h#2        b) pc5->d6    6+5+2n
Rook locust h2; Bishop locust d1


a) 1.nRL×d2-c2 nRL×c5-c6 2.nBL×b3-a4 nRL×e6-f6#

b) 1.nBL×g4-h5 nBL×g6-f7 2.nRL×h6-h7 nBL×e6-d5#

Creation of reciprocal batteries nRL/nBL and nBL/nRL. The neutral Locust can’t go back to the battery-line because of its nature – it has no hurdle anymore after the 2nd move. My idea was to demonstrate this theme, showing maximal activity of the both neutral Locusts which make all possible 4 half-moves in each solution. 

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