JV задача No.40

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No.40 – finished 14-May-2012 – This hs#3 problem uses my scheme of h#2 published here with No.38 (or in  Original Problems of julasfairies.com, with No.5). Two white sacrifices on b5/e7 with attracton motive are added to the theme shown before. This problem is also can be seen by No.14 in Original Problems of julasfairies.com.

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Julia Vysotska

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.14

hs#3       2 solutions   (7+5+2n)
Bishop locust e8; Rook locust a7


I. 1.Bf8-e7 nLRa7*e7-f7 2.nLRf7*f4-f3 nLBe8*g6-h5 3.Qd6-f4 + nLRf3*f4-f5 #

II. 1.Ra5-b5 nLBe8*b5-a4 2.nLBa4*b3-c2 nLRa7*a3-a2 3.Qd6-d3 + nLBc2*d3-e4 #

Creation of reciprocal neutral batteries nRL/nBL and nBL/nRL after specific captures of white and black pieces. Two white sacrifices on b5/e7 with attracton motive. Interchange of functions. 

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