JV задача No.49

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No.49 – finished 25-Jun-2012 – Dentist-theme with preliminary line opening and critical move. I’m happy also to show here a version of this problem – a joint problem with Petko A. Petkov – see No.49.1 below. The both problems also can be seen by No.29, 29.1 in Original Problems of julasfairies.com.  

99895 /

Julia Vysotska

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.29

hs#3        2 solutions        (5+7)
Nightrider d1


I. 1.Qb5-e8 + Kd8-c7 2.Bf1-a6 f2-f1=B 3.Nd1-b5 + Bf1*b5 #

II. 1.Qb5-b6 + Kd8-d7 2.Nd1-a7 d2-d1=N 3.Bf1-b5 + Nd1*b5 #

Dentist-theme with preliminary line opening by wQ and critical move of N/B.

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Julia Vysotska &
Petko A. Petkov

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.29.1

hs#4        2 solutions       (5+10)
Nightrider d1
Leo g1


I. 1.Sa6 +! Kd7 2.Qf8 LEh2! (2…LENg2 ?) 3.Na7 d1=N 4.Bb5 + Nxb5 #

II. 1.Sc6 +! Kf7 2.Qh8 LEg2! (2.LEh2 ?) 3.Ba6 f1=B 4.Nb5 + Bxb5 #

Masced white Dentist combined with Umnov-theme + Bivalve, double unpin of white N and B, ambush moves of LEg1 which forces control over 2nd horizontal and determines Bivalve-theme in play of black Pawns. Anti-dual moves by LEg1, critical moves by unpined white N and B. An interesting play demonstrates white S/Q battery – after moves of forward piece Sb8 and the black King we have double line-opening for the whiteQueen!

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