JV задача No.5

Julia: ?????????????? ??????

??????????, ???????? ????????? ???? ?????? ?????
??? ???????????? ??  ??????? ???? ?????????????? ?????.

??????? ?? ??? ???????! ???? ?????? ???? ????????????! – ???

No.5 – This helpmate was like a self-training for me. I had 2 points: 1) before I preferred to use Knigts – so, here decided to compose without them; 2) from my solving experience I believed that problem is more complicated for solving is case if there’s a move of balck King (maybe I’m wrong, but it was my feeling). So, for a week I tried to implement the idea of building batteries with B/R where black King has to move to the battery line.

The pin of wRg4 is not thematic and gives some imbalance to the solutions. But it was the only possibility I’ve found to avoid some cooks. 

99606 /

Julia Vysotska

The Problemist Supplement – 2012, No.117 (mar-2012), PS2561

h#2         2 solutions       5+5


(I) 1.Se2 Re4 2.Kc6 Rb4 #

(II) 1.Se6 Be5 2.Kc5 Bc7 #

Bivalve with additional line – opening for the white forward piece which creates a battery. Aristo?rat-problem.

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