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No.53 – finished 10-Jul-2012 – Andernach Chess. This problem I’ve composed in memory of my grandmother, Anna Andrejeva, who would be 95 today. She was a very strong woman with lots of energy, the “head” of the family supporting everyone and restless herself. Two strong pieces are playing here for her.  This problem also can be seen by No.40 in Original Problems of julasfairies.com.  

99929 /

Julia Vysotska

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.40
In memory of my grandmother,
Anna Andrejeva

hs#2,5     2 solutions    (6+10)


I. 1…f3*e2=wP 2.Qe7*h4=bQ Qa2*e2=wQ 3.Qe2-h2! + Qh4-g3 #
(not 3…Qxh2 -> =wQ – self-check!)

II. 1…d5*c4=wP 2.Qe7*b4=bQ Qa2*c4=wQ 3.Qc4-b5! + Qb4-c5 #
(not 3…Qxb5 -> =wQ – self-check!)


  • Andernach effect in the line opening with the first move of the black pawn.
  • Andernach Duel between two Qs with reciprocal change of color after capturing pawns of the opposite side.
  • Specifical Andernach check and mate where capturing of the opposite side’s unit is impossible because of the illegal self-check.

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