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No.54 – 10-14 Jul-2012 – On the 10th of July I had a meeting with Michael Grushko, the editor of Variantim, in Riga.  It is always nice to meet in real life! Now I know whom I send problems! 🙂  At this meeting Michael told me that if I will send an original till 15-Jul, then it will be published in August’s issue of Variantim. What I like is a fast publication! (I also promise it for everyone at julasfairies.com.) So, I was in time, and now I’m a happy owner of this magazine! 

99934 /

Julia Vysotska

VARIANTIM – 2012, No.57 (Aug-2012), #2265
3rd Hon.men.

h#3    2 solutions    (1+10+3n)
Nightrider e7, e1
Locust a7


I. 1.Ra2 nLxa2-a1 2.nNg5 nNa2 + 3.Ka5 nNxc6 #

II. 1.Rf2 nLxf2-g1 2.nNc8 nNf2 3.Kc5 nNxd3 #


Specific Indian theme with Locust and sacrifices of the black Rooк on the critical squares. Self-pins of neutral Nightriders as forward battery-pieces. Interchange of functions between neutral Ns.

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  1. SeetharamanSeetharaman пишет:

    Excellent idea ! But perhaps it would be more striking if a neutral queen had made these long critical moves ! (hm…. in a h#2.5 perhaps).

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