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No.68 – finished 08-Nov-2012 – This problem shows the main mechanism without any additional themes. I’ve made some tries to make it longer, to add something also, but finally decided to publish the short version – Dentist, and transformation of black masked N/Q battery where N opens line for Q.

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Julia Vysotska

VARIANTIM – 2012, No.58 – Dec.2012, #2306

hs#2,5      2 solutions     (6+5)
Nightrider f1


I. 1…Nf1-e3   2.Qg1-b1 Ne3-d1   3.Qb1-b5 + Nd1*b5 #

II. 1…Nf1-d2   2.Qg1-d1 Nd2-b1   3.Qd1-f3 + Nb1*f3 #


Transformation of black masked N/Q battery, line opening for white Q. Dentist theme, sacrifices of white Queen to attract bN on b5/f3.

9 комментариев: JV задача No.68

  1. seetharaman пишет:

    Nice problem. But I remember it seeing before. Hm…. can’t remember where.

  2. Diyan Kostadinov пишет:

    Actually the theme and the play are so orthodox… The similar mechanism is presented in selfmates without fairy pieces. In the fairy genre the ideas should be more specific fairy. Unfortunatelly even that the problem is elegant it is not of the same usually high Julia’s level…
    Sorry for the criticism Julia, it is just my opinion…

    • JuliaJulia пишет:

      Diyan, critics is ok! In a comment to one my problem Nikola Predrag had written: “I’m afraid that too much courtesy might only make harm to her development.” 🙂
      I have different problems. Some of them takes weeks, some another – days or hours. Of course, this one was “баловство” (in Russian) – composed for fun, in an hour… I haven’t studied selfmates, and really I have too short experience in composing, so in many cases I don’t know what and how was presented. I have some ideas and try them.. Here, after getting this version, I thought about adding something also, tried different options, but didn’t like any.
      I’m not very serious person.. even about my composing!
      The exception for me are TTs – if I participate then I do my best to win! So, the level of them is higher 🙂
      Thanks for your comment! I need to be educated and more serious!

    • Nikola Predrag пишет:

      There is always a question about a convincing conversion of the thematic content from a fighting genre (direct/self mate) into a cooperative genre (help/helpself mate).

      Elegance alone might be enough for an interesting and educational publication. The “high quality level” requires complexity and originality with well justified means for the realization.

      The black piece X indirectly pins the white piece Y but opens the line for Pelle-move of Y to square A/B, then X indirectly unpins X playing to square B/A. One black and one white piece execute the complete play in 2 phases, reciprocally using 2 thematic squares A/B.

      Now, when Julia showed it, it looks easy in hs# with a bN. I believe that the same content presented in s# without fairy elements must have been constructed with the great skill and imagination. Presenting it here would be educational for seeing the differences between the genres, as well as between the orthodox and fairy chess.

  3. Diyan Kostadinov пишет:

    First of all I should apologise! When I saw n68 it immediately remind me the beautiful Petkov/Janevski S#3 (Orbit 2003, 3rd HM), but actually there are transformations of black S-R battery after sacrifices of wQ playing on the thematic line. There is no Dentist and actually in clear S# it will be not possible to be presented.
    Some time the “deja-vu” can push us in wrong direction…

    • seetharaman пишет:

      Dentist theme is shown in many Selfmate problems. But I wonder if this combination (transformation of masked black battery with pelle movement) has been shown before.

      But Diyan is right. It does appear on first look that the idea might be possible without Nightrider. A beautiful problem anyway !

    • Diyan Kostadinov пишет:

      I mean the combination of Dentist theme and transformation of black thematic battery is probably impossible in orthodox S# (and if someone can do it will be wonderful!). But with some fairy elements, or in HS# its not so difficult…

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