JV задача No.7

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No.7 – November, 2011. Fairy problem, anti-batteries with Kangaroo piece. Really, quite simple one. Maybe nice for solving? 
This problem was already discussed here a lot, when I’ve presented it in my thematic issue Battery Play, and later – Kangaroo or Lion? – where I show some other versions of this problem, using pieces of Lion-family.  

99678 /

Julia Vysotska

The Probleemblad – 2012,
No.1 (jan-mar.12), F884

h#2        2 solutions       7+5
Kangaroo d2, e2


I. 1.S:d2 KAe6 2.Se2 Be4 #

II. 1.S:e2 KAh6 2.Sd2 f4 #

Zilahi, Umnov, Critical KA-moves, cycle AB-BA of white moves, creation of anti-batteries, Meredith.

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