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No.9 – November, 2011. This is a nice one! I was surprised to get some warm comments about it in April,2012, after it was published in DIE SCHWALBE. Oh, to compare with No.6 I have a pair of white Knights here! This is not as I can’t live without Knights at all, but still prefer to use them, it’s true..

99686 /

Julia Vysotska

HEFT254 (Apr-2012), #15170

h#2        2 solutions       5+5
Lions: f3, c2


I. 1.Qb2-d4 Sc7-d5 + 2.Re6-e4 Sd5-c3 #

II.1.Re6-e3 Sb7-c5 + 2.Qb2-c3 Sc5-e4 #

Creation of white anti-batteries (S/Li) + white batteries(S/Li); reciprocal interference between black Q and R; mates through specific double-checks. Meredith.

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  1. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    It is a very good problem. Though the mating position (with two white knights is well known in orthodox helpmates, the combination with mutual interference of Q/R and the moving if the knights from one anti-battery to another is entertaining.

  2. Juraj LörincJuraj Lörinc пишет:

    Actually, even the hopper-specific doublechecks in D-O echo are already well known, see e.g.:
    http://www.jurajlorinc.com/chess/fhedo_01.htm#uloha3 – mates are the same actually,
    http://www.jurajlorinc.com/chess/solv_03.htm#uloha14 – different geometry of flights,
    http://www.jurajlorinc.com/chess/ccm6tt_h.htm#uloha2 – another, longer example.

    The other motifs, preliminaries, are thus important. Interference disabling moving the black hurdle from one lion line to another seems quite fresh.

    (A propos, CCM as the reference source.)

    • Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

      @Juraj: Indeed, the mating positions in the three problems you have quoted are similar using the orthodox idea. But in none of the examples the same white knight fires two antibatteries. Perhaps that feature also is novel.

    • JuliaJulia пишет:

      Juraj, thanks for your examples! Of course, all of them show hopper-specific double-checks as you say.
      I don’t know if I should point on the difference in my thematic complex to compare with all your 3 examples, after you’ve already mentioned yourself that my interference of Q/R “seems quite fresh” and after a comment of Seetharaman (below) about the moves of my Knights.
      But I’ll better summarize it.
      So, I believe my thematic complex is rather different to those shown in your examples. It has 2 main moments, not presented in your examples:
      2 anti-batteries in my problem are created in a sequence one after another by the same one thematic Knight in each solution (Sc7 in one solution, and Sb7 – in another);
      2) Reciprocal interference between Q and R is an important moment in the problem, which actually makes a creation of such anti-batteries possible!

      But in general I believe that with a time it becomes more and more complicated to show anything new. Should a beginners become more and more creative? 🙂

  3. Rehm Hans Peter пишет:

    In fact this type of antibattery/battery creation
    with doblecheck is rather old. I myself
    made a version with grasshoppers (certainly not the
    first one), Schach-Echo 1979, 5th prize
    pieces white kc4 sf2 gb5c2d2
    black kf5 re3 bd6 pc3d4e6f3g6h5 gc8f1
    h#2 b)Pg6 to f4
    a)1.Bc7! Sc5 2.Be5+ Sce4#
    b)1.Re2! Sd3 2.Re4+ S3e5#
    The doublecheck mates are similar to Julia’s (the lions
    allow a slightly different geometry). But I think
    Julia has found a perfect realization where I like the specific
    reciprocal preinterferences in the key very much.
    (I tried to make the keys deeper in another way .)

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