No.1246 (DN)

Daniel Novomesky


Оригинальные сказочные задачи
JF – 10/2017-3/2018:
октябрь’2017 – март’2018

Определение: (показать/спрятать)

No.1246 Daniel Novomesky

original – 11.11.2017

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

White Kb1 Black Kc6 Se6 Pf6 Pb2 Pd2 Pf2 Ph2

h#4                                              (1+7)
b) Se6→a5 ; c) Pf6→d5 ; d) Pb2→g6

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  1. Juraj LörincJuraj Lörinc пишет:

    Diagram position is by Norman A. Macleod, 5165 feenschach 84, July 1987, also can be found in The Chessboard Adventures of Norman Macleod (p. 211). I would like to have the reference published with diagram.

    Twins bring very little new and in my opinion they substantially decrease the value.

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