No.1293 (HG)

Hubert Gockel

Оригинальные сказочные задачи
JF – 10/2017-3/2018:
октябрь’2017 – март’2018

Определение: (показать/спрятать)

No.1293 Hubert Gockel

original – 30.03.2018

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white Qa3 Ba8 Re5f8 Sg6 Bg3 Kg8 Pb6c7f5 black Kd6 Sb5c4 Qc2 Pc5d7e6

#2                                           (10+7)

6 комментариев: No.1293 (HG)

  1. Juraj LörincJuraj Lörinc пишет:

    Instructive example of cyclic dual avoidance and a new proof of AMU condition usability for various effects.

  2. Geoff Foster пишет:

    An interesting problem with a good flight-giving key. The dual avoidance uses 3 different mechanisms: opening of black line, guard of mating square, and move of King so that white move is not a double-check.

  3. Geoff Foster пишет:

    However it is a pity that after 1…Kxe7, 2.Qxc5 would not be mate anyway.

  4. Geoff Foster пишет:

    @Seetharaman: I don’t understand what you mean about shifting d7 to f7. The bPd7 is necessary in order to block the square d7.

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