Оригинальные задачи (12)

Оригинальные задачи (страница 12)

Я буду публиковать здесь некоторые свои оригинальные задачи и буду рада поставить также Ваши! Диаграммы, комментарии, новые идеи, любые схемы для дискуссии – очень приветствуются!

Сайт в основном посвящен сказочному жанру, но h# и s# – тоже добро пожаловать! Пожалуйста, присылайте свои произведения на адрес: julia@juliasfairies.com

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Приветствую на сайте нового автора – Themis Argirakopoulos (Греция)! На этот раз представлена экстравагантная задача 3-х авторов: 

№ 34 – h#2 – Themis Argirakopoulos (Greece), Pierre Tritten (France), S.K.Balasubramanian (India)  с популярным на сайте условием KoBul Kings!

№ 34.1 –  улучшенная версия задачи №34, сделанная после полученных комментариев. Версия-аристократ (без пешек!!)

Все Определения Вы можете посмотреть в разделе Сказочные термины или нажмите на конкретную сказочную фигуру или условие внизу, чтобы попасть прямо на его определение на странице терминов:

KoBul Kings

No.34 Themis Argirakopoulos, Pierre Tritten & S.K.Balasubramanian
(Greece / France / India)
original – 02.07.2012
h#2                 Zeroposition              (6+3)
a) wPg5→a7
b) wPg4→b7
KoBul Kings
a) 1.Ba3 Sxa3 (bK=brB)+ 2.rBe4 a8=Q#
b) 1.Rd4 Sxd4 (bK=brR) 2.brRb6 b8=Q#
Black King mated on two different phases, having maximum flight squares in each phase. Specific Kobul Kings mates. (Authors)

No.34.1 Themis Argirakopoulos, Pierre Tritten & S.K.Balasubramanian
(Greece / France / India)
original – 06.08.2012
h#2               2 solutions             (4+4)
KoBul Kings
I. 1.Bh4-e7 Sc6*e7 [brK=rB] + 2.rBg6-e4 Qd1-h1 #
II. 1.Rd6-d4 Sc6*d4 [brK=rR] 2.rRg6-g2 Qd1-g1 #

Все диаграммы сделаны на  WinChloe и ее фонт Echecs использован для дизайна Лого.

5 комментариев: Оригинальные задачи (12)

  1. Diyan Kostadinov пишет:

    I believe that in problem n.34 the zeroposition can be avoided. Hope that the authors will find a way for that. Actually I am very happy that so many KoBul Kings problems appearing day after day. This year I had received more that 200 emails from different composers with new problems of this kind and thank them all! Looks that many interesting ideas are possible.

  2. Petko A.PetkovPETKO PETKOV пишет:

    № 34 Themis Argirakopoulos, Pierre Tritten & S.K.Balasubramanian – An interesting idea – mates to the black KoBul King in R and B – phases when rB and rR have maximum flight – squares (for the Rook – 14, and for the Bishop – 13).
    Of course, it is difficult to realize. I have to mention that this problem has a lot of significant weaknesses.
    At first, unpleasant is zero-position. In all genres of Chess composition such settings are bad – they mean serious compromises acceptable in case of form and content of the task. № 34 doesn’t have such grounds for the compromises. Unpleasant is also the formation of twins – positions of the white Pawns on a7 and b7 are not good because it is obviously that their promotion in Q is obligatory. Therefore, here we can’t speak about “paradoxical play” or “paradoxical contents” because the second white moves are rather primitive.
    I think that a lot of improvements are possible in this problem. At first, I propose elimination of white pawns as mating pieces. Instead of them, it is possible and better to use white Queen. In this case it is not obviously that this Queen should give mates. I offer the following position, which is probably just an initial scheme for the other, better improvements:


    a) 1.Be7 Sxe7 (Kg6=rB)+ 2.rBe4 Qh1# (not 3.rBxh1??(Ka1=rQ – self-check!))
    b) 1.Rd4 Sсxd4 (Kg6=rR) 2.rRg2 Qg1# (not 3.rRxh1??(Ka1=rQ – self-check!))

    In my opinion, here the play is difficult and indeed has paradoxical nature – both black half moves in every phase are surprising, white mates on g1/h1 are also unexpected. But I repeat that this is only an educational position – it gives the ideas for the further development.

  3. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    Excellent improvement. Just shows that composers need to be more persistent !

  4. JuliaJulia пишет:

    No.34.1. Nice improvement! Wouldn’t it be possible to make it without bQ? I believe it stops some cooks. Can’t you use few other pieces instead of it? I haven’t tried… Just a question. Thanks!

  5. trittentritten пишет:

    N°34.1. Yes, we had a version 4+5 with two black officers instead of black Queen, but we prefered this lighter one.

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