Оригинальные задачи (16)

Оригинальные задачи (страница 16)

Я буду публиковать здесь некоторые свои оригинальные задачи и буду рада поставить также Ваши! Диаграммы, комментарии, новые идеи, любые схемы для дискуссии – очень приветствуются!

Сайт в основном посвящен сказочному жанру, но h# и s# – тоже добро пожаловать! Пожалуйста, присылайте свои произведения на адрес: julia@juliasfairies.com

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А теперь нечто другое от меня:

№ 40 – hs#2.5 – Julia Vysotska – Andernach Chess. Эту задачу я составила в память моей бабушки, Анны Андреевой, которой сегодня исполнилось бы 95 лет. Она была очень сильной женщиной с огромной энергией, главой семьи, поддерживающей всех, и сама казалась совершенно неутомимой. Две сильных фигуры – 2 ферзя – играют здесь для нее.

Определение (позже будет добавлено на страницу Tерминов):

Andernach Chess: Фигура (исключая короля) меняет свой цвет после взятия.  Ладьи на a1, h1, a8 и h8 могут быть использованы для рокировки, в случае выполнения прочих необходимых для этого условий.

№ 40 Julia Vysotska
 In memory of my grandmother, Anna Andrejeva
hs#2,5           2 solutions           (6+10)
Andernach Chess
I. 1…fxe2=wP  2.Qxh4=bQ Qxe2=wQ 3.Qh2+ Qg3# (not 3…Qxh2 -> =wQ – self-check!)
II.1…dxc4=wP  2.Qxb4=bQ Qxc4=wQ 3.Qb5+ Qc5# (not 3…Qxb5 -> =wQ – self-check!)
Andernach effect in the line opening with the first move of the black pawn.
Andernach Duel between two Qs with reciprocal change of color after capturing pawns of the opposite side.
Specifical Andernach check and mate where capturing of the opposite side’s unit is impossible because of the illegal self-check. (Author)

Все диаграммы сделаны на  WinChloe и ее фонт Echecs использован для дизайна Лого.

2 комментария: Оригинальные задачи (16)

  1. Petko A.PetkovPETKO PETKOV пишет:

    No.40. Аn interesting problem with duel between two Queens! This idea is somewhat paradoxical, of course. All 4 captures of the Pawns (Qxb4, Qxh4, Qxc4,Qxe2) here have a strong thematical and specifical (Andernach) character. A good additional “introduction” to this theme is black key-moves which open lines – I think that this is an unusual Annihilation, because after these moves the black Pawns like disappear from the board but the white Pawns remain again on the fields c4 and e2!

    Here I won’t speak about the improvements of this problem, although such improvements are probably possible. I think this composition induces ideas for some other, similar interpretations, which may exist as independent originals.

    By the by, the condition “Andernah Chess” is not common in the genre HS# and this fact is surprising for me. So, more detailed analysis can be useful here.

    In my comments I always try to give to the readers some materia for their own practical work. One happy possibility is that the site Julia`s Fairies is an excellent platform for experimentations with any fairy ideas! Of course, here I can propose only a small number of ideas which are more or less connected with No.40.

    Please, pay attention to the following possibilities, making analogy with No.40:

    A) It might be interesting to try realization of the same contents bus using another thematic duo of pieces! For example, theoretically a realization with two Nightriders is also possible; same thematic you can also demonstrate with Bishop and Queen, etc.

    B) The captures with main importance in No.40 are Qxb4, Qxh4, Qxc4,Qxe2 – here these moves change colours of capturing Queens. Interesting is to try another interpretation: also with 2 Queens, but with 4 captures which have a double effect: a) change colours of Queens; b) open lines for some black or white pieces (Annihilation). Here I offer just a simple scheme about this possibility (Scheme A):
    1…Qxf4 = wQ 2.Qxd4 = bQ Qc3! 3.Qc1+ Qb2# (not possible is 4.QxQ – self-check!)


    In scheme A both captures (on d4/f4) are Annihilation captures (or so called Passive Annihilation) because after that the result is line-opening for the w.Rh4! Can anyone realize this idea in two phases?
    C) In No.40 the captured Pawns are static, but another trick is also possible: not captures of static Pawns , but captures after active white and black sacrifices! See scheme B:


    1.Sd1! – active sacrifice of w.S! 1…Bh8!! – also active sacrifice, but from the black Bishop (not 1…Qxd1=wQ? because here White have no good move!)
    2.Qxh8 = bQ Qxd1= wQ 3.Qc1+ Qb2# .
    But here also two solutions (as minimum!) are needed!
    A theoretical note: here we also have Annihilation but fo other type – Active Annihilation, because sacrifices of Sb1 and Bd4 open two lines – diagonal c1-a3 and 4th horizontal!
    It’s more difficult to realize two phases here in comparison with scheme A, but I think that this goal is real!

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    Very nice problem with intriguing and interchanging queen transformations. The problem is very good as it is.

    I just thought a different effect can be produced (instead of just line opening) if the black pawn d5 were shifted to b5. Now the reason for the first black move will be quite different, ie. vacating b5 to enable check by the white queen on the third move, since the pawn at b5 will prevent white from checking on b5 !! This effect will be thematic for the Andernach chess. Of course no matching move for the other solution is there.

    Another interesting possibility is to remove the pawn b4 also (after moving d5 to b5) and have the black first move 1…b4 ! (an active sacrifice suggested by Mr.Petkov). Obviously Julia would have thought of these and settled for ‘ line opening’ due to lack of matching move in the other solution.
    Just loud thinking!

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