Оригинальные задачи (7)

Оригинальные задачи (страница 7)

Я буду публиковать здесь некоторые свои оригинальные задачи и буду рада поставить также Ваши! Диаграммы, комментарии, новые идеи, любые схемы для дискуссии – очень приветствуются!

Сайт в основном посвящен сказочному жанру, но h# и s# – тоже добро пожаловать! Пожалуйста, присылайте свои произведения на адрес: julia@juliasfairies.com

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2 мои задачи с нейтральными Locust’ами:

№ 22 – h#2*  – Julia Vysotska – в этой задаче хотела показать другой вариант аннигиляции Locust’ов как передних батарейных фигур (сравнительно с № 21, Страница-6). Правда, не нашла, существует ли определение для такого механизма.

№ 23 – h#2 – Julia Vysotska – интересный вариант развязывания связанной Locust’ ом фигуры, а также “разблокирование” полей рядом с черным королем для того, чтобы они могли контролироваться Locust’ом.

И 2 задачи без темы Locust’ов:

№ 24 – hs#2,5 – другое развязывание и черные батареи в совместной задаче – Julia Vysotska & Petko A.Petkov

№ 25 – hs#4  – Михаил Кройтор приятная миниатюра с неочевидной игрой

Все Определения Вы можете посмотреть в разделе Сказочные термины или нажмите на конкретную сказочную фигуру или условие внизу, чтобы попасть прямо на его определение на странице терминов:




№ 22 Julia Vysotska
h#2*                                        (2+5+4)
Neutral locusts: e6, e7
Neutral Grasshopper e8
Setplay 1…nSf8*e6 2.nSe6-c7 nLe7*c7-b7 #
1.nSf8-g6 nSg6*e7 2.nSe7-d5 nLe6*d5-c4 #
A special form of half-battery play (pseudo half-battery play) – Neutral S transforms a half-battery into a battery by capturing (with Annihilation effect) one of nLo and leaving the battery line with a further sacrifice to another nLo.
Interchange of functions between Locusts. Meredith. (Author)

№ 23 Julia Vysotska
h#2              b) Black Sf4             (5+6+2)
Black Nightrider f6
Neutral Locust g5
a) 1.Rd2 Bg3 2.Rfd4 LOn×f6-e7 #
b) 1.Nd2 c6 2.Se2 LOn×g2-g1 #
A special form of unpin of Rf4/Sf4 by blocking the square after the King on the line. Play of masced neutral battery. White moves “unblock” the squares around the black King to make them to be controlled by nLo in the mate position. Interchange of functions between black Nf6 and Rg2. (Author)

№ 24 Julia Vysotska & Petko A.Petkov
(Latvia, Bulgaria)
hs#2,5            2 solutions                 (5+9)
White Nightrider f1
White Grasshopper d1
I. 1…Rg2 2.Ng3! (tempo-move!) e×d1=G 3.Nh5+ G×h5 #
II.1…Ra2 2.Gf3! (tempo-move!) e×f1=N 3.Gd5+ N×d5 #
Unpin of white G and N, which makes surprising tempo-moves. Realizing this unpins, the black Rooks demonstrate also ambush-moves with a goal – control on f2/d2. Creation of black batteries through reciprocal under-promotions into G and N. (Authors)

№ 25 Mihail Croitor
hs#4              2 solutions            (3+3)
I. 1.Kh2 Kf2 2.Qh1 d1=Q 3.Bd2 Qh5 4.Qg2+ Sxg2#
II. 1.Qc2 Ke2 2.Bc7 Ke1 3.Bh2 d1=R 4.Qe2+ Kxe2#
Составлена после прочтения статьи HS#-это очень интересно! (Author)

Для дизайна Лого использован Echecs фонт программы  WinChloe.

7 комментариев: Оригинальные задачи (7)

  1. Petko A.PetkovPETKO PETKOV пишет:

    N 22 Julia Vysotska. A new, very nice h#2 from Julia! In my opinion, in theoretical aspect, it is not so easy to formulate the main theme here. Probably there are some arguments to call this combination “play of pseudo half-battery” , but I wouldn`t like to perceive categorically this terminology.
    Presumably, it is more correct to define this theme as: “Play of special masced battery with two forward pieces – A and B, which execute reciprocal functions as masced figures and which are destroyed with Annihilation effect”. Certainly, this Thematic is possible too in orthodox helpmates.
    In Julia`s N 22 very fresh and interesting motive is play of the neutral S which makes 5 (!) half-moves in both phases – a surprising activity!
    I think, that here the formula set-play+real play is better as 2 solutions which (probably) we can create, using an other black, neutral or half-neutral capturing piece.

  2. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    No.23 is a nice idea but wBe1 is hard to employ in 2nd phase. Thematic “unblock” of the squares around the black King to make them to be controlled by nLo in the mate position may be changed into a thematic avoidance of such “block”. The guard of the flight (e2/d4 ) by one wN in a try must be delegated to the other wN, with the reciprocity of twins. Example:
    White Kb7 Na2 Nd1
    Black Sa7 Ne6 Re4 Kd3 Pe3 Rf2
    h#2; b) Black Se4
    1.Rf2-c2 Nd1-c3! 2.Re4-c4 nLf5*e6-d7#
    If 1… Na2-c3? then 3.Kd2!
    1.Ne6-c2 Na2-c6! 2.Se4-d2 nLf5*f2-f1#
    If Nd1-b5? then 3.Kc4!

    • JuliaJulia пишет:

      Nikola, thanks for correcting my comment! I appreciate it a lot as sometimes I can’t find the right way to express what’s going on.. I like how you put it as “thematic avoidance of such “block”.
      Looking at your example – you don’t have neutral pieces in your notation above, but I guess it’s: nLof5 nBh7
      It’s not C+. Is this a scheme? Or have I missed anything on the diagram?
      Your solutions are a bit different: in a) Nd1 must make a move to avoid a “block” of d2 for nLo, but in b) Nd1 can’t move on b5 as it would make such “block” on c4. I don’t mind it. I even like to use the same approach sometimes. I’ll look at it one more time tonight…

  3. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    N.24 is very original with nice unpins, battery formation and surprise white tempo moves!

  4. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    Oh, I’m sorry. I copied W+B pieces from Popeye input forgetting that neutral pieces are neither white nor black :)). nL is indeed on f5 but nB is on g6 (and cooks ending with 2…nLxe4-d3+ do not work because of 3.nLd3xg6-h7).
    Main trouble in your problem is the superflouos Be1 in b). wPc5 is supeflouos in a) – it’s tolerable because it is a Pawn but full purpose of any piece is preferable. (And wPh4 is not a bonus).
    Example essencially shows your idea without superflouos pieces, but it is just an illustration which certainly needs improving. Orthodox wSd1 would be enough for the solutions but there would be no try in b) (1…Nd1-b5) so wNd1 is relatively superflouos (more powerful than is needed for mates).
    Another possible improvement is to try 2 solutions form. In a different scheme, bR could make selfblocks on c4 and d4 (in example) or d4 and e4 (in your problem) and there would be no need for twins.
    Of course all improvements require some work but I believe they are possible.

    • JuliaJulia пишет:

      Ok, it works now:
      a) 1.Rf2-c2 Nd1-c3 2.Re4-c4 nLf5*e6-d7 #
      b) bSe4: 1.Ne6-c2 Na2-c6 2.Se4-d2 nLf5*f2-f1 #
      Thank you for all your comments! I’ll think about the possible improvements!
      (your problems for the site are also very welcome!)

  5. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    Mihail Croiter’s problem is very good. Surprising change of black batteries and promotions. Excellent miniature.

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