Оригинальные задачи (78)

Оригинальные задачи (страница 78)

Оригинальные сказочные задачи, опубликованные в течение 2012-ого года, участвуют в неформальном конкурсе JF-2012!

Сайт в основном посвящен сказочному жанру, но h# и s# тоже будут опубликованы! Пожалуйста, присылайте свои произведения на адрес: julia@juliasfairies.com

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No.137 – hs#3,5 by Julia Vysotska – анти-батареи, блокирование нейтральной матующей фигуры. (JV)


Lion(Li): Ходит по линиям ферзя, только перешагивая через другую фигуру любого цвета, на любое поле, следующее за этой фигурой. Взятие может быть только на поле прибытия, фигура-препятствие остается незатронутой.

LEO(LE): Ходит как ферзь, но взятия возможны только перешагиванием через препятствие на любое последующее поле по линии движения.

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No.137 Julia Vysotska
original – 28.09.2012
hs#3,5                                      (7+2+1)
b) neutral Rook h6
Leo c8
Lion a6
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Все диаграммы сделаны на  WinChloe и ее фонт Echecs использован для дизайна Лого.

6 комментариев: Оригинальные задачи (78)

  1. Petko A.PetkovPETKO PETKOV пишет:

    No.137 Julia Vysotska
    A very interesting and difficult idea – white forms anti-batteries Lion/Leo and simultaneously it blocks the neutral piece which gives mate! This ambitious problem is implemented in a very light and elegant Meredith-position. The long maneuvers of neutral figures are also very beautiful. Bravo, Julia!
    But here I put such a question: is it possible to extend the play, for example – to a HS#4 (or even more moves!) adding one white half-move in the initial setting? It is only an idea of course. Such addition would be acceptable only if the added new half-move has some thematic value (block, line-opening or line-closing, etc). However, the mechanical, non-thematic extension of the play is a big weakness. I do not advise younger colleagues to do so!
    Another idea here would be the following: we change the initial setting so that the first black move is a promotion in neutral R (and neutral B respectively). These promoted pieces execute our already well known maneuvers. In theoretical aspect, such a modification of the initial scheme allows to achieve model mates (for example – with twins – a) black Sh6; b) Black Sh5). How viable would be these options?
    In conclusion I want to emphasize – Julia has found a very interesting circuit, but it is so rich that here are possible a lot of new variations.
    And one more note regarding this problem – in HS# genre, as a general trend, the mating moves with blocked neutral pieces are rare. I would say, that such blocks can be a separate topic with great opportunities.

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    Nice problem ! Could have scored well in the thematic tourney! Perhaps Julia does not want to compete 🙂

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