No.480 (ND)

Nicolas Dupont


Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (I): Январь – Апрель

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No.480 – Nicolas Dupont  – Сложная PG задача со сказочным условием Back Home, открытым автором! Задача будет участвовать в отдельном Конкурсе Ретро и PG задач, опубликованных на Julia’s Fairies в 2013 – 2014.  (JV)

Определение от автора:

a) If a piece can legally move to the square it occupied in the initial position of the problem, it must move to this back-home square.
b) Back-home moves are prevalent to the virtual capture of the opponent King by any piece, i.e. “checks are fairies”.
c) If several back-home moves are legal, the side-on-move chooses which one to play.
d) The back-home square of a Pawn which is promoted during the solution is the initial square of this Pawn.
See the link  for more details on the back-home fairy condition.

No.480 Nicolas Dupont
Dedicated to Jacques Dupin
480-PG21,5-ndPG 21,5                                     (15+15)
Back Home 
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5 комментариев: No.480 (ND)

  1. seetharaman пишет:

    Very nice thematic content. It is a real surprise to see that all black men can be outside their original squares despite the Back-Home condition!

  2. dupont пишет:

    Thanks! It could be a nice challenge to construct a back-home proof game as short as possible, where none of the 16 officers are standing on their initial squares in the diagram position.

  3. Jacques Dupin пишет:

    Thank you very much Nicolas ! Many (all of them?) methods used to avoid returns. One can also note a nice cameleon-echo for the Rooks… Bravo!

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