No.502 (NT)

Neal Turner (Финляндия)


Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (I): Январь – Апрель

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No.502 – Neal Turner – Это вторая задача автора с необычной комбинацией условия SAT и Royal Grasshopper’ов в s#2, опубликованная на JF (предыдущая была в сентябре,2013 – No.374). Радует подробный комментарий Нила, который считает, что пояснения необходимы, т.к. задачи этого типа сильно отличаются от других видов сказочных и ортодоксальных задач!  (JV)


SAT: Король находится под шахом в случае, если он может пойти только на одно поле, не контролируемое стороной противника.

Grasshopper(G): Ходит по линиям ферзя, только перешагивая через другую фигуру любого цвета, на поле, следующее сразу за этой фигурой. Взятие может быть только на поле прибытия, фигура-препятствие остается незатронутой.

Royal piece: Фигура, которая выполняет на доске функцию короля.

No.502 Neal Turner
original – 21.02.2014
502-s#2-nts#2                                                (7+8)
Royal Grasshoppers c4, f3
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6 комментариев: No.502 (NT)

  1. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    It’s a fantastic mechanism. At first I wondered about the purpose of wSa7 and wBg3 (except being the hurdles), but a better look nicely justifies everything.

    What is not clear from the definition, is a capture of a royal piece allowed?

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    SAT: Not frequently seen. Can we define this way? “A King is in check if it has any flight square”

    • Juraj LörincJuraj Lörinc пишет:

      There are a few equivalent definitions of SAT, all with the same point. It is a result of the SAT development history as Ladislav Salai sr. had first an idea and then, by trying different points he gradually developed various versions of SAT. (See e.g. this introduction at CCM.) Fortunately, SAT as we know it today is simply defined, because it allows motivation difficult to understand with standard chess background.

  3. Juraj LörincJuraj Lörinc пишет:

    Generally speaking, SAT sems very confusing fairy condition at the first sight, but after getting used to it, multiple composers have found it manageable and productive. Of course both Salais (jr. and late sr.), but there are interesting works by many others – L. Kekely, V, Dyachuk, N. Turner, M. Caillaud, M. Rittirsch (and myself), altogether there are 31 different authors of SAT problems in the big WinChloe db. Some of them have even entered FIDE Albums. In my view the real breaktrough of the condition was a jubilee tourney Club Pongracz 10 in 2002, with two sections for standard SAT rules and SAT with additional fairy rules. Among recent works I found very instructive twomover by M. Caillaud with AUW:

    Michel Caillaud
    2nd Prize Club Pongracz 20 JT 2012
    White : Ka3 Bf6a4 Sb4a2
    Black : Kd2 Be1 Sa1 Pd5c3d3e3b2e2
    #2 SAT (5+9)

    Only two black pawns (b2, d5) can move, two white zugzwang tries are refuted uniquely (1.Bd4? b1Q! and 1.Bd8? d4!), therefore White creates threat:

    1.Bh4! thr. 2.Bxd1#
    1…b1Q 2.Sxc3# (2.Sxd3+? Qxd3!, 2.Sc1+ Qxc1!)
    1…b1R 2.Sxd3#
    1…b1B 2.Sc1#
    1…b1S 2.Kb3# (promotion removes potential flight a3)

    Neal has found long ago that royal grasshoppers are ideal for SAT problems as they have usually limited number of flights and moreover their flights are quite dynamic. As a result even s#2 can show very rich play.

  4. Neal Turner пишет:

    Of course when I remarked that I was ‘the only one doing this stuff’ I didn’t mean I was the only one doing SAT – but I do believe I am the only one doing Two-move Selfmates with SAT & Royal Grasshoppers!
    There’s an article in the pipeline (where it seems to have got stuck!) setting out my findings after more than 4 years in the Twilight Zone.
    Oh no! Now I’ve mentioned this project I’m going to have complete it!

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