No.553,553.1 (VR&SK)

Vito Rallo 

Vito Rallo  (Италия) &
Seetharaman K.  (Индия)


Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (II): Май – Август

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No.553 – Vito Rallo – Хороший маскированный белый Эксельсиор! (JV)

No.553.1 – Vito Rallo & Seetharaman K. – Коллективная задача двух авторов как значительное улучшение задачи No.553 с двумя Эксельсиорами! (JV)

No.553 Vito Rallo
original – 07.06.2014
553-hs#6-vrhs#6                                              (3+7)
Solution: (click to show/hide)
No.553.1 Vito Rallo & Seetharaman K.
Italy / India
version of No.553 – 24.06.2014
553.1-hs#8,5-vr-skhs#8,5                                          (3+5)
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16 комментариев: No.553,553.1 (VR&SK)

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    Nice idea. But, Is it not possible to have a black pawn c3 promoting to rook on c1? Now, Rh2 and Sf2 can both be replaced by a black pawn h5.

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    hm….. It can be a miniature.
    white Pg6e2 Kg5
    black Ph4g7 Ke6 Rd4
    Black pawn promoting on ‘h’ file is even better I think.

  3. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    I think it will be possible to make the black moves also an Excelsior making the problem a double Excelsior. I found a slight modification of the scheme which will make it possible. If Mr.Vitaly wants I can send it to him, but the scheme still needs improvement.

  4. Vito_RalloVito Rallo пишет:

    Send it to me, we can do a join

  5. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    Well… here is a possibility. You can make it as a 6.5 if you dont want the pawns masked !

    • Vito_RalloVito Rallo пишет:

      Do you agree this ? If ok can send it as version to Julia

      Vito Rallo & Seetharaman
      White Pd6 Kg5 Pg2; Black Pd7 Ph7 Sc4 Pg4 Kh2
      Hs#8,5 – (3+5) C+Popeye Windows-64Bit v4.67 (2548 MB)

      1…Sc4*d6 2.Kg5*g4 Sd6-f7 3.Kg4-h5 d7-d5 4.g2-g4 d5-d4 5.g4-g5 d4-d3 6.g5-g6 d3-d2 7.g6-g7 d2-d1=R 8.g7-g8=Q Rd1-h1 9.Qg8-g3 + Kh2*g3 #
      solution finished. Time = 1:25:48 h:m:

      Double excelsior, double opening lines with pawn capture.

  6. Александр Швиченко Alexandr Shvichenko пишет:

    Here is another version.
    White Ph6 Kg5 Ph5 Pe2
    Black Ph7 Ke6 Pc4 Re4
    HS#7 C+
    1.e2-e3 Re4-d4 2.e3-e4 c4-c3 3.e4-e5 Ke6-d5 4.e5-e6 c3-c2 5.e6-e7 c2-c1=R 6.e7-e8=Q Rc1-c5 7.Qe8-e6+ Kd5*e6#
    There is only one black excelsior, but in 6 moves.

    • Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

      Thanks Alexandr. I made a similar suggestion in my second post. Miniature with white excelsior and black rook promotion!
      white Pg6e2 Kg5
      black Ph4g7 Ke6 Rd4
      HS#6.5 1…h3 2.e4 h2 3.e5 Kd5 4.e6 h1=R! (h1Q?) 5.e7 Rc1 6.e8=Q Rc5 7.Qe6 + K*e6 #

  7. Petko A.Petkovpetko petkov пишет:

    The following Miniature is possible – with only 6 pieces and 2 Excelsiors with R-promotions:


    1.b4 f5 2.b5 f4 3.b6 f3 4.b7 f2 5.b8=R f1=R 6.Rg8 Rh1 7.Rg2+ Kxg2#.

    I believe it looks better because there is no Q-promotion that is rather “obvious” in such positions. But in my opinion these Miniatures are in high extent mechanical because of monotonous Pawn’s moves to the promotion’s square… Therefore I think that the theme “Mechanical Excelsior” cannot be miracle in fairy chess through the fact that such problems are nice in optical aspect…

  8. GanapathiGanapathi пишет:

    Petkov’s magic ever comes out in any position; just witness how the Q promotion gets replaced by the R!

  9. Petko A.Petkovpetko petkov пишет:


    1 – 5 . b8=R c1=R 6.Rg8 Rh1 7=Rg2+ Kxg2#

    Probably this position is even better, because here all Pawns have possibilities for moves, but in this case we must answer to the question: What role has Pc7? Of course for Excelsior because there are no time for other play…:)

  10. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    Thanks Petkov.. I thought of something similar (not so economical!) but Vito Rallo seemed more interested in line opening for the excelsior pawns (though that does not make the solutions more difficult).

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