No.591 (DT)

Дмитрий Туревский


Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (III): Сентябрь- Декабрь

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No.591 – Дмитрий Туревский – Интересная тематика, показанная комбинацией двух весьма различных типов экзотических фигур! (JV)


Hurdle-Colour-Changing Equihopper: Like a normal Equihopper but it changes the color of the piece it jumps over.

Equihopper: Moves along any line over another unit of either color to a square situated such that the hurdle stands at the mid-point between the Equihopper’s departure and arrival squares.

Chameleon: По завершении хода, Хамелеон (классического стандартного типа) меняется на другую фигуру в последовательности Q-S-B-R-Q… Превращения могу быть в Хамелеон на любой стадии цикла.

No.591 Dmitri Turevski

original – 01.09.2014

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white Ka6 white HurdleColourChanging EQh3d6 black Pf7a7f5 Ke8 black Chameleon Bd4f3

h#2           2 solutions        (3+6)   
HurdleColourChanging Equihoppers: h3,d6
Chameleons: Bd4, Bf3

5 комментариев: No.591 (DT)

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    very nice problem with lots of interchange of functions!

  2. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    Nice! Popeye 4.69 tells me that hEQ is an offending item?!
    Would the problem be correct after moving bPf5 to e6 and whEQh3 to f5? The tries would be 2…cBc3+/cBg2+?

  3. Geoff Foster пишет:

    Nikola’s suggestion leads to a cook:

    stipulation h#2
    white Ka6
    white HurdleColourChanging EQf5d6
    black Pf7a7e6 Ke8
    black Chameleon Bd4f3

    1.cBf3-a8=cR hEQd6-d2[d4=w] 2.0-0-0 cBd4-c5=cR #
    1.cBf3-d5=cR hEQd6*d4[d5=w] 2.f7-f6 cRd5-d7=cQ #
    1.cBd4-h8=cR hEQf5-f1[f3=w] 2.0-0 cBf3-g4=cR #

  4. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    Thanks Geoff, at least now I’ve learned how to make the popeye input.

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