No.749 (MN)

Mike Neumeier (США)

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Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): январь – июнь

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No.749 – Mike Neumeier – Нестандартный путь к хорошо известным (классическим) патовым финалам! (JV)


Grasshopper (G): Ходит по линиям ферзя, только перешагивая через другую фигуру любого цвета, на поле, следующее сразу за этой фигурой. Взятие может быть только на поле прибытия, фигура-препятствие остается незатронутой.

Royal piece: Фигура, которая выполняет на доске функцию короля.

Pser: This is the original definition by its inventor, Dan Meinking: A parry series-mover differs from a standard series-mover prior to the last move as follows:

  1. the series-side may give check during the series;
  2. when checked, the idle-side must immediately parry the threat;
  3. a parry-move may be helpful or defensive, depending on the problem-type (for example – in Pser-s# the parry-move is defensive);
  4. after a check-and-parry, the series-side continues the series.

Every Pser problem combines two stipulations:

Part 1 – Pser, which indicates the special series play with participation of both sides according to the author’s definition;

Part 2 – the kind of problem, according to well known stipulations, which can show direct play (n#, n=, s#, s= r#, r=, etc), help play (h#, h=, h==, etc) or mixed play (hs#, hs=, hs= =, etc).

(For more explanations about Pser see IGM Petko A. Petkov article “The Wonderful (new genre) Parry Series“)

No.749 Mike Neumeier

original – 11.03.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

White Kc4 Black Ka6 Ga5 Gb6

ser-h=8                                    (1+3)
Grasshoppers: a5, b6
b) Pser-h=11, white royal Pc4,
No white promotion

7 комментариев: No.749 (MN)

  1. seetharaman пишет:

    Very neat demonstration of the difference between Serh= and Pserh=. Interesting that the starting position itself is echoed! Pity the change of the white royal piece is necessary!

    • Mike Neumeier пишет:

      Thanks. Yes, if I could use the same royal in both, same genre, as a two-solution problem,
      and still get diagram echoed with both solutions, I would be extremely satisfied!

  2. Kjell Widlert пишет:

    I especially like the way the order of Black’s last two moves is determined in b)!

  3. Cornel Pacurar пишет:

    Mike, is good to see that the Parry-Series ‘light’ is still on in Cincinnati! Maybe you should try a royal unit that allows for both solutions and with the same number of moves. Also, a higher number of check-and-parry moves would also be great.

    • Mike Neumeier пишет:

      Hello Cornel! Your comments are exactly what Dan would have said. Reaching for more in pser would be his take, too. I wish he were around to help find a three-way echo as this, but as two-solution, same royal, same length in both, and a pser both ways! That would be very satisfying, indeed. I am just too lazy!

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