No.821 (EB)

Erich Bartel (Германия)


Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): январь – июнь

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No.821 – Erich Bartel – “A problem shows the walk of the white king from one corner to the other and withby a passive fairy promotion.” (EB). Благодарю автора за посвящение! (JV)


Equipollent Circe: After a piece is captured, it is immediately replaced on the square which is the same distance and direction from the square of its capture, as was that square from the square upon which its captor commenced its move. (If Qf7 captures a Pawn on e7, it is reborn on d7, because d7 is a same distance and direction from e7 as e7 is from f7. Similarly, if Qg7 captures a piece on ‘e7’ its rebirth square is ‘c7’). If the rebirth square is occupied the captured piece disappears. Castling with replaced Rook is permitted. Pawns may be reborn on the 1st and 8th ranks. Pawns reborn on the 8th rank are promoted as part of rebirth and the promotion is chosen by the player who makes the capture, i.e., if White captures a black Pawn, and the black Pawn is reborn on the 8th rank, White (not Black) decides what Black’s Pawn will be promoted to. Pawns reborn on the 1st or 8th rank can make only one-square move (for example black Pc8 can play only on c7 or it can capture an enemy units on ‘b7’ or ‘d7’). During the en passant capture, the Pawn is replaced on the rank opposite of the captor. For example, if Black moves c7-c5, White Pawn on ‘b5’ captures en passant, moves to ‘c6’, while the black Pawn is reborn on ‘d6’.

Rabbit(RT): Кролик. Ходит по линиям ферзя, только перешагивая через 2 другие фигуры любого цвета (которые могут стоять на соседних полях, а также на расстоянии друг от друга), на любое поле, следующее за второй фигурой. Взятие может быть только на поле прибытия, фигура-препятствие остается незатронутой.(как Kangaroo-Lion(KL))

No.821 Erich Bartel

original – 05.06.2015
Dedicated to Julia Vysotska

Solution: (click to show/hide)

white Ka1 Pb4 black RTc2 Pa3 Pa5 Ka6 Pc6 Pa7

ser-s#16                                 (2+6)
Equipollent Circe
Rabbit c2

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