No.825 (NSR)

No.825, 825.1
N.Shankar Ram (Индия)


Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): январь – июнь

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No.825 – N.Shankar Ram – Редкий гость на JF: рефлексный мат с мультифазовой тематической игрой! (JV)

No.825.1 – N.Shankar Ram – Улучшенная версия задачи No.825 – “position is now legal (and one piece lighter)”. (Автор)

No.825 N.Shankar Ram

original – 08.06.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

White Ka5 Rf3 Bb5 Bh2 Se7 Pf6 Ph7 Pd7 Pf5 Pe4 Pc3 Pf2 Pc7 Black Kc5 Qd2 Rh6 Rh4 Bc8 Be1 Pa6 Ph3 Pc2 Ph5 Pa4

r#2            2 solutions         (13+11)

No.825.1 N.Shankar Ram

version to No.825 – 25.08.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

White Ph7c7e4f5f6d7c3 Se7 Bh2b5 Ka5 Rf2f3 Black Qd2 Pa4a6h3h5 Rh4h6 Bc8e1 Kc5

r#2           2 solutions       (13+10)

11 комментариев: No.825 (NSR)

  1. seetharaman пишет:

    Marvellous problem showing two of his favorite themes – R# and Cyclone! Pity the double refutation is unavoidable in the first try. Welcome back to form Shankarram. When he joins our small WCCT team, we will surely do far better than 9-WCCT !

  2. Kjell Widlert пишет:

    What a matrix!
    I’m sorry to say the position is “illegal”, i.e. not possible to reach from the game array. White pawns have captured at least 7x, and Black has 11 pieces left.

  3. Georgy EvseevGeorgy Evseev пишет:

    A great concept!

    But just by exchanging places of Ph7 and Ph3 it is possible to have one solution and a single refutation in any try.

    It is probably author’s desire to keep phase 1.e5! as a solution (as it has most varied play), and I want to believe that it should be possible to reach a version with a single solution and non-repeating refutations…

  4. shankar ram пишет:

    Thank you, Georgy!
    But, as you observed, I wanted to retain 1.e5 as a key..
    And the illegality of the position still remains.. though I wouldn’t lose much sleep over it.
    As you indicate, an ideal setting would have:
    – 1. e5 as key
    – No dual refutations
    – No repeated refutations
    – Single solution.. though I’m OK with 1.Bd3 as an additional solution – I feel keeping a key from the 2nd cycle would help a solver discover the 2nd cycle.. Maybe this sounds a bit like making a virtue out of a necessity!

    • Kjell Widlert пишет:

      To me, it seems quite natural to have one solution from each cycle. Who says reflexmates should have just one solution, and helpmates should preferably have two solutions? (All right, I’m aware you can’t have the same kind of tries in a helpmate…)

  5. shankar ram пишет:

    Sometimes one gets lucky. The same theme in a different genre, with all the ideal requirements:

  6. seetharaman пишет:

    I think illegality is easily rectified by moving WPf6 to g7.

  7. shankar ram пишет:

    I think you meant WPf6 to g6, not g7 ..

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