No.1160 (SD)

Stephan Dietrich (Германия)


Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (II): июль – декабрь


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No.1160 Stephan Dietrich

original – 27.11.2016

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white TRf4 MSg5 POg7 black POh8

#4                                                (3+1)
Triton f4
Marine Knight g5
Poseidon g7, h8

12 комментариев: No.1160 (SD)

  1. Joost de HeerJoost пишет:

    Why a marine knight on g5? A pawn works just as well.

  2. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    Something is wrong with my perception of the essential features of the position. Not only about White in check, but about how Black could have delivered that check.

    After that, the bizarre Popeye’s “solution”, illegally skipping B1, looks as a minor issue.

  3. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    I am sorry…. from h6 white is already in check.

  4. Geoff Foster пишет:

    In the given solution, the first line (with missing moves) is the threat. The full solution is:

    1.POf6! POg8,POh7 2.TRh4 POh8 3.POg6 POg8 4.TRh8#
    2…POg8,POf8 3.TRh8+ POg7+ 4.POg6#

  5. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    Threat is a real variation AFTER some irrelevant random MOVE. No move, no variation and no real threat since it’s simply impossible.

  6. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    Is it a no solution after 1…POg8 2.TRh4? POh8! 3.TRh3? POg8! 4.TRh8+?

  7. Juraj LörincJuraj Lörinc пишет:

    I find it quite sad that there is long discussion below almost worthless composition, while many worthy problems remain without any comment from readers.

  8. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    The “almost” worthless composition is not a chess-composition at all in the first place, as being a nonsense with regards to the Chess.

    The discussion is by far TOO SHORT with regards to the serious recent increase of nonsense everywhere.
    But who cares!? 🙁

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