No.1161 (EB)

Erich Bartel (Германия)


Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (II): июль – декабрь

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No.1161 Erich Bartel

original – 03.12.2016

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white kh6 black kf5 Pa2b2c2f2

ser-h#16                                    (1+5)
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6 комментариев: No.1161 (EB)

  1. Geoff Foster пишет:

    The black Pawns must promote and move to the right, so that the black King can get to g8. The choices of promotion piece are all interesting. A dark-squared Bishop is needed so that 12.Bh4 will shield the h-file for the wK. A Queen is needed so that it can move diagonally to h2 (on h1 it would be able to prevent mate by 17.Qe1). A Knight is needed on c1 because a Bishop would check the wK, and a Rook would guard the g-file after moving to g3 (preventing the mate). A Bishop is needed on f1 because a Queen would check the wK when it arrived on c6. The wK is thus used in (at least) four different ways, as well as giving the mate!

  2. Geoff Foster пишет:

    Actually a Bishop promotion is needed on f1 because 8.f1=Q? 9.Qfg2 … 15.Qa8 16.Qe8, Kg7 17.Qe1!

  3. Kjell Widlert пишет:

    Four promotions with interesting motivations in ideal economy. Who cares that the promotions do not form an AUW?!

  4. Erich Bartel пишет:

    AUW see already

    but with totally different motivation of promotions

  5. Nicolas Dupontdupont пишет:

    Is it enough to justify this less harmonious rendition? A fifth promotion would prevent such a question… Is there some possibility to get it?

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