No.1163 (SL&AB)

Sébastien Luce 

No.1163.1 Sébastien Luce &
Alain Bienabe


Оригинальные задачи, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (II): июль – декабрь

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No.1163 Sébastien Luce

original – 07.12.2016

Solution: (click to show/hide)

White Kh6 Rg6 Pa7b7f6a5f5g5h5d4 Black Kf8 Pa6c5

ser-==22                                (10+3)
Alphabetic Chess

No.1163.1 Sébastien Luce &
Alain Bienabe


version of No.1163 – 18.12.2016

Solution: (click to show/hide)

White Kh6 Rg5 Pa7b7c7f6d5h5f4g4 Black Kf8

ser-==24                                (10+1)
Alphabetic Chess

17 комментариев: No.1163 (SL&AB)

  1. Geoff Foster пишет:

    Is it worth extending the problem so that the pieces on the g- and h-files move into place at the end?

  2. Luce Sebastien пишет:

    Dear Geoff,

    I had also the idea to make a longer problem, for instance with white Pawn a5 in a2, white Pawn
    f6/f5 in f2/f4, white Pawn g5 in g2 and maybe white Rook g6 in a3 (?!) to propose as the key move 1.Ra3-g3 but…
    …as I tested my problem in 38 mn with Winchloe, I had not the patience to do it with a longer problem, and also there is the question “is it interesting ?”

    But if you succeed to test a longer (interesting) version of this problem, I propose you to co-sign it ! 🙂

    I hope you are fine Geoff, give me some news by mail, you are a friend !

  3. S N Ravi Shankar пишет:

    I found a setting which i tried testing with Popeye yesterday. It took hours and hours and finally, I had to come out.

    Ser-==47 Alphabhetic Chess

    1.a4 2.Ra3 3.Rg3 4.a5 5.a8=B 6.Bd5 7.b4 8.b5 9.b6 10.b7 11.b8=S 12.Sc6 13.c4 14.c5 15.Sd8 16.c6 17.c7 18.c8=Q 19.Qxa6 20.Qa7 21.a6 22.Qh7 23.a7 24.a8=R 25.Ra7 26.Rg7 27.Bg8 28.Sf7 29. Kd2 30.Ke3 31.Kf3! 32.e4 33.e5 34.exf6 35.Kg4 36.f4 37.f5 38.Sh8 39.f7 40.f6 41.Kh5 42.Rg6 43.g4 44.g5 45.h4 46.Kh6 47.h5==

    If sound, it should be interesting because the final position is well covered.

  4. S N Ravi Shankar пишет:

    I just noticed that wR can move along the rank! Perhaps wK can be shifted to b1 or wR can start from a3 – as the author points out –
    with change in stipulation.

  5. Luce Sebastien пишет:

    Dear M. Ravi Shankar,
    your setting is very interesting !
    If you have more patience than me to test it, I encourage you to do it (with co signature at the end of course !).
    M. Pierre Tritten told me that it is not necessary to have the famous C+ to present a new longer version. I don’t know your opinion about that ? Please inform me if you find new versions :

  6. Luce Sebastien пишет:

    by the way, I notice that in my original version,
    black c5 is probably not necessary: with white Pawn c4 instead of d4 it seems ok ! I have to test it…

  7. S N Ravi Shankar пишет:

    In my version (See solution to 1163.1), the play up to move No.23 is similar to 1163 which is C+. The position reached after blacks 23rd move is also C+ (Popeye -v4.63)

  8. S N Ravi Shankar пишет:

    Here is a version of 1163.1.

    Remove the rook, add a wP on b5 and shift d-pawn to d4. -Ser-==31

    Popeye Windows-32Bit v4.63 (512 MB)

    1.a7-a8=S 2.Sa8-b6 3.Sb6-c8 4.b5-b6 5.b7-b8=R 6.b6-b7 7.Rb8-a8 8.Ra8-a5 9.Ra5-g5 10.b7-b8=Q 11.Qb8-b1 12.Qb1-h7 13.Sc8-d6 14.c7-c8=B 15.Bc8-e6 16.d4-d5 17.Sd6-e8 18.d5-d6 19.d6-d7 20.d7-d8=R 21.Rd8-d7 22.Rd7-g7 23.Be6-g8 24.Se8-d6 25.Sd6-f7 26.f4-f5 27.Sf7-h8 28.f6-f7 29.f5-f6 30.Rg5-g6 31.g4-g5 a=>b

    solution finished. Time = 1.510 s

    My thanks to Geoff Foster for his response to 1174.

  9. S N Ravi Shankar пишет:

    oops!I did not notice it. I should have used a chess set!

  10. Luce Sebastien пишет:

    Dear Ravi
    your version with 9 Pawns interest me !!
    I have an idea (for the future) to write an article with the title “OUTLAW!” with interesting but illegal positions !
    Could you send me by mail the pos. ?
    I invite all composers to send me also their positions in the same style !
    Here is my mail :

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