No.1198 (GF)

Geoff Foster (Австралия)


Оригинальные сказочные задачи
JF – 2017(I): январь – июнь

Определение: (показать/спрятать)

No.1198 Geoff Foster

original – 21.03.2017

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white Ke3 Ba8 Rc3 Qd2 black Kb1 Pc4c5e6g6

s#22                                             (4+5)
Alphabetic Chess

3 комментария: No.1198 (GF)

  1. Kjell Widlert пишет:

    I remember seeing a s# ending with ABC before, in feenschach – but that may have been a series s# and it may have had some additional condition such as PWC, so this might very well be the first pure s# in ABC. Which is in itself not really important.

    ABC seems to give very interesting possibilities to selfmates, as a mating move can be forced without having Black in a very restricted position. You can imagine many free black pieces, perhaps guarding K flights, unable to interfere because of ABC. It is not so in this problem, but note that Black cannot play 22.- Kc1??, Ke1??, or exd4+ because of ABC.

    The main idea must be the beautiful B staircase down and then up again, just in order to stalemate the bK so that e5 is forced. The ending after that manoeuvre is perhaps a bit long, but quite efficient, producing an ideal mate. Very good problem!

  2. Vaclav Kotesovec пишет:

    Nice idea, but please remove “C+”. Test with Popeye was only partial, not full.

  3. S.K.BalasubramanianS. K. Balasubramanian пишет:

    As Kjell said, forcing e5 on 6th move is very interesting.

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