No.1325 (DP)

Daniel Papack (Германия)

Оригинальные сказочные задачи
июль – декабрь’2018

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No.1325 Daniel Papack

after no.1313 – 16.09.2018

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white Kh1 Sa1h6 Rb3 Ba4 Pb4c2c5c7e2f2g2 black Kc3 Qa2 Sc1g6 Rh7 Bd4 Pa3d2d3c4g7

h#2              2 solutions         (12+11)

5 комментариев: No.1325 (DP)

  1. Paz Einat пишет:

    In the 1st solution, took me some time to find why it is a mate, with the BW & BP able to capture the WP. But after they capture, the move to d8, or b7 and the WP is back on b2!
    As to the composition itself – very nice!

  2. Paul Rãican пишет:

    In first solution, must write (3.Bxc5 [P->c2] illegal)not B->c2. Good anti-dual motifs.

  3. Jacques Rotenberg пишет:

    very nice idea and quite complex, but the useless Sh6 in the 1st solution remains a serious defect

  4. Jacques Rotenberg пишет:

    after all, it is not so big a defect … and perhaps, not a defect at all !
    in any case, a very interesting problem.

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