No.1462 (VM)

Виталий Мединцев 

Оригинальные сказочные
задачи JF-2019/II:
июль – декабрь’2019

Автор надеется на решение судьи, какая из двух опубликованных версий лучше.

No.1462a Vitaly Medintsev

original – 15.12.2019

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white Sg1 Pg3f5b5 Kc4 Qf6 black Se1 Ba2b4 Pb3f4e5e6f7 Kg4 Ra4

hs#3.5          2 solutions            (6+10)

No.1462b Vitaly Medintsev

original – 15.12.2019

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white Kd6 Bh2h5 Ra2 Qb2 black Kf1 Sd7c7 Pg3d3 Bb8 Rd8 Qh4

hs#3.5          2 solutions            (5+8)

6 комментариев: No.1462 (VM)

  1. Geoff Foster пишет:

    There is very little interaction between the two sides. The only interaction occurs in the 1…Bb1 solution, where 2.fxe6 opens a line for 2…Bh7, but even then it is “accidental” interaction because it doesn’t force the move order.

  2. shankar ram пишет:

    1462 seems “obviously” better. More unified BB/BR moves and with 2 selfblocks by WB/WR on c6. 3 pieces lighter. Only weakness is the WB capture on h2.
    About Geoff’s “interaction” comment, It’s “good to have”, but is its absence a weakness?

  3. Kenneth Solja пишет:

    Shouldn’t this be so that the author chooses the problem to compete with? The judge can’t first choose the problem with his/her opinion and then possible put it to the award.

    Vitaly is excellent problemist and I think he can choose without a doubt the better one.

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