No.1440 (GW&KW)

Günther Weeth (Германия) &
Klaus Wenda 

Оригинальные Retro & PG задачи
JF – R2019-20

Определения: (показать/спрятать)

No.1440 Günther Weeth &
Klaus Wenda 

Germany / Austria
original – 13.09.2019
Dedicated to Andreas Thoma

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white Ke1 Bc1 Pa2b2d3h6 black Kd6 Qb1 Pc6g2

-14 & #1                                   (6+4)
Proca Retractor

1 комментарий: No.1440 (GW&KW)

  1. Kjell Widlert пишет:

    Quite economical and beautiful K-chase with a draw pendulum at the end, with the traditional trick of an en-passant capture to ensure that White starts the pendulum so Black has to stop it. Note that 9.Pa5xPb6 e.p.? doesn’t work as 10.Kf6?? becomes illegal, giving Qa1 something else to do after the introductory play.

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