Py2Web Demo

Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski

Py2Web allows embedding chess problems viewer into the webpages and supports many features like idling (set-play, threat, series-movers), twins, fairy pieces, fairy effects (rebirth, piece color change etc).

Create your diagram with animated solutions, using notation for pieces and solutions in Popeye format. Not for solving! Just for visualization. If solution is not provided, just a diagram will be shown. If solution uses an incorrect (different) format, then it will be shown without animation under diagram. If you’ve got the animated solution, the diagram and moves of the solutions below will become clickable and you can either click right/left parts of the diagram or concrete moves of the solutions to play them. 

Starting position
in popeye ‘Pieces’ clause format:

glyphs: like {"n":"s1",…}
in popeye output format with optional {comments}:

full move: bw / wb
start node: first / last
 Diagram + solutions


Diagram uses WinChloe’s graphics.

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