Site Updates-250812

Updates as of 22-25.Aug /2012:

  • (25.08) Warm welcome to Zoran Gavrilovski, Macedonia! I have a pleasure to show you a very nice problem – see No.116 !
  • (24.08) A joint problem by 2 authors is added – see No.110.1 by Mečislovas Rimkus & János Mikitovics, which is an improvement of No.110.
  • (23.08) See just black pieces in a new problem by Michael Grushko – No.115 – a play of 5 Andernach Grasshoppers!
  • (23.08) Welcome to Romanian author, Paul Răican! See just 4 pieces & 3(!!) fairy conditions in a rich play – No.114.
  • (22.08) Nice to see one more problem by Gani Ganapathi! See surprising castlings in No.113 !
  • (22.08) Warm welcome to Michael Grushko, Israel! See 2 problems (hs# and h#) –  No.111, 112
  • I’d like to remind, that you can click on the Original Problems tab on the top to see the whole list of published problems. Problem numbers are links to the problems – click on any number to see the problem. Standard search using Ctrl+F also works for the list.
  • Tourneys, tourneys!.. Let me repeat, that all fairy computer tested problems published at Julia’sFairies participate in informal tourney JF-2012. Thank you very much for so great activity here! And I’d like to remind you about the thematic tourney, with the closing date 15th of October, HS-problems with battery play – Julia’sFairies-HSP-2012 ! (Latvian sweets are really great! 🙂 )

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8 Responses to Site Updates-250812

  1. Raju Rajendiranrookraju says:

    Dear Madam
    I am R.Raju as a solver from India i saw ur web site it is very useful & good to Problem World .
    I quoted above URL is may be useful to u .
    it is for making diagrams & Transperent use is most impressive
    Thanks & Regards

    • JuliaJulia says:

      Thank you! Have installed, will look! /julia.

    • Seetharamanseetharaman says:

      Nice to see that you are active again Raju. I have been using the Diagram utility you cited for quite sometime. It is good. But even even better, you try APWin. It has facility to solve using Popeye and save diagrams also. Has more options for Fairy pieces than ‘Diagram Transfer’

  2. Raju RajendiranRajendiran Raju says:

    how i can add my image

  3. Raju RajendiranRajendiran Raju says:

    Dear Mr.Seetharaman Sir how r u
    after a long gap now i touch with u
    i remember with those days Rotary club solving contest
    Mr.CGSN , Mr.SKB , Cdr., NSR
    soon i will contact u by mobile

  4. Hi Julia,
    Thank you for your invitation to the excellent composer’s tourney. I am not even sure I am a composer, but I shall watch entries with interest.
    I started a small blog yesterday where I put a link to your site, calling it Julia Latvian problems in the description.
    (I linked a few other problem sites, Juraj, Vaclav etc. that I visit).
    I hope to re-hash a few old themes and explain them to a general audience over the months to come.

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