Diplomas JF-2013(III),2014(I,II,III),Retros&PG 2013-14

Diplomas JF-2013(III), JF-2014(I,II,III), JF Retros&PG 2013-14

Five awards of JF’s informal tournaments were published during July-September, 2015. 

And finally all diplomas are ready, right before Christmas. The PDF copies of the diplomas are sent to all authors of rewarded problems. But the Prize winners get also original printed diplomas with a little gift – Latvian Christmas chocolate, issue 2015. 

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2015-11-30 21.32.59 2015-11-30 21.37.53 2015-11-30 21.46.47
2015-12-08 14.26.57 2015-12-08 14.29.49 diplomas-2013-2014-pdf-ex

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