Andernach 2015 problem chess meeting

Andernach_2014-disc-KW Discussion in the winter garden, Andernach 2014,
taken by Kjell Widlert (from left to right: Hemmo Axt, Hans Peter Rehm, Bernd Gräfrath, bernd ellinghoven, Thomas Brand, Werner Keym)

The tradition of Andernach meetings will live on: the 2015 meeting will take place from May 14 to May 17, 2015 (the long weekend starting with Ascension Day).

We will meet at Ratskeller (Hochstraße 33, 56626 Andernach). Long term visitors may remember this address: It is the former Balkan Pic, Zdravko’s former restaurant where the meeting took place for decades.

If possible you should arrange your accomodation for yourself, but you may ask bernd ellinghoven (mail: be.fee(at) or Zdravko Maslar (Karolingerstr. 76, D-56626 Andernach, tel +49 2632 1577) for support.

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