Julia's Fairies


is dedicated to the world of Fairy Chess!

The WebSite

  • will publish Original Problems by contributors and my own(!)
  • will host and promote each year an Informal Tourney for Fairy problems – with an eminent judge
  • will also have Thematic Tourneys
  • is intended for solvers (with solutions hidden!) and for non-solvers (solutions can be revealed with a Click!)
  • will offer a forum for discussion – mainly about comments on the problems – but open to any Fairy topic. Contributions to the forum can be posted directly to the site
  • will have a valuable section giving definitions of Fairy pieces and Fairy conditions. It is growing all the time!
  • will review problem related software
  • will give links to other problem websites
  • will publish/republish articles by eminent composers – giving due acknowledgement to the original publication.
  • will give News of events and tourneys and other matters of interest

Find out more about these things via the TABS above!

I am depending on visitors like you for a successful site! Julia

The structure

The TOP MENU of the site
  • HOME – the home page of the site, shows the last Posts published at the site
  • Site INTRO – the page you’re reading now
  • Fairy Terms – the definitions of fairy pieces and conditions
  • Articles – thematic articles related to chess composition
  • My problems – my published problems
  • Original Problems – original problems, participating in informal tourneys
  • Tourneys – Tourneys by Julia’sFairies and some external tourneys
  • Software – composing/solving programs
  • Links – some useful links
  • About me – some basic information about me
The RIGHT MENU of the site
  • Recent Posts – the Posts coming to the HOME page of the site. The last Posts will be shown at the central part of the HOME page, but the latest posts will be available through the Categories menu.
  • Recent comments – the lasts of everybody’s comments written at the site. Use “Leave a comment” button or “Leave a Reply” field to write your comment.
  • Categories – Posts, organized by category. If you choose the Category – you’ll get all the Posts from it on the central part of the screen at the HOME page
  • Archives – all the POSTS, grouped by month.

Any comments and suggestions about the topics and the structure are appreciated!

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Ахмедов Илик
Ахмедов Илик
January 14, 2013 00:57

Помогите найти E-mail Рауфа Алиовсадзаде.

Rehm Hans Peter
Rehm Hans Peter
February 21, 2014 19:10

Liked seeing your very active website. I will write a review
of the interesting TT about marine pieces for feenschach.

M Winther
December 13, 2021 14:47

My chess variants page has many new fairy pieces, such as bifurcation pieces and different kinds of cannons and catapults. I invented them just for the fun of programming them and testing them. They have all been implemented as Zillions programs: Chess Variants.

Walter Lindenthal
Walter Lindenthal
March 17, 2023 12:33

Hi Julia (my structural question),
great site, useful fairy information, helpful discussions, interesting fairy problems… congratulations (from my side as a newcomer)!
I’d like to ask a question concerning the function bar “+ 0 – …” below each comment/post to a problem. I assume it’s a kind of (dis)agreement-counter? If so, is the poster shown any new count separately, and does it also identify the specific evaluator to the poster or just statically show the current count below the comment? So, would someone else’s “-” (or even multiple “-“) take away my “+” from the counter? Insofar it should be different from a regular (dis)like-indicator? May be a little explanation under file “SITE INTRO” could clarify… THANKS!

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