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Informal tournaments on JF: Fairy and Retro

Tournament Fairy/
From date To date Judge Award
JF-2012f2012-04-282012-12-31N.Shankar Ram->See the Award!
JF-2013-If2013-01-012013-04-30Juraj Brabec->See the Award!
JF-R2013-14r2013-01-012014-12-31Hans Gruber->See the Award!
JF-2013-IIf2013-05-012013-08-31Sébastien Luce (2023)
JF-2013-IIIf2013-09-012013-12-31Eric Huber->See the Award!
JF-2014-If2014-01-012014-04-30Vlaicu Crișan->See the Award!
JF-2014-IIf2014-05-012014-08-31Dmitri Turevski ->See the Award!
JF-2014-IIIf2014-09-012014-12-31Kjell Widlert->See the Award!
JF-2015-If2015-01-012015-06-30Kostas Prentos->See the Award!
JF-R2015-16r2015-01-012016-12-31Thomas Brand->See the Award!
JF-2015-IIf2015-07-012015-12-31Ofer Comay->See the Award!
JF-2016-If2016-01-012016-06-30Petko A. Petkov->See the Award!
JF-2016-IIf2016-07-012016-12-31Franz Pachl->See the Award!
JF-2017-If2017-01-012017-06-30Tadashi Wakashima->See the Award!
JF-R2017-18r2017-01-012018-12-31Dirk Borst->See the Award!
JF-1017-0318f2017-10-012018-03-31Shankar Ram->See the Award!
JF-2018-IIf2018-07-012018-12-31Kjell Widlert->See the Award!
JF-2019-If2019-01-012019-06-30Michal Dragoun->See the Award!
JF-R2019-20r2019-01-012020-12-31Vlaicu Crișan->See the Award!
JF-2019-IIf2019-07-012019-12-31Petko Petkov->See the Award!
JF-2020-If2020-01-012020-06-30Eric Huber
JF-2020-IIf2020-07-012020-12-31Hans Gruber->See the Award!
JF-2021-If2021-01-012021-06-30Ofer Comay->See the Award!
JF-R2021-22r2021-01-012022-12-31Thomas Brand
JF-2021-IIf2021-07-012021-12-31Shankar Ram->See the Award!
JF-2022-If2022-01-012022-06-30Vlaicu Crişan
JF-2023f2023-01-012023-12-31Seetharaman Kalyan
JF-R2023-24r2023-01-012024-12-31Thierry Le Gleuher
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January 8, 2021 14:43

Pity Diyan is not completing his award for 2013. He has lagged for The Problemist 2012 also. Can he take it up now?

January 26, 2022 00:28

Lady Julia Vysotska, Web Master of the World Federation for Chess Composition, has finished the entries of the World Championship for individual composers, edition of 2019-2021, whose limit for accepting submissions has terminated at midnight UTC on Thursday 20th January 2022.
I have prepared a short information, included below, for the distinguished members and readers of Julia’s Fairies, thinking also of those who are new to Fairy Chess. This brief report is tentatively published here, but the Web Master of Julia’s Fairies may decide to move it to another location, or to altere or erase it.
There have been 258 participants, who have sent 2631 Chess compositions distributed in eight categories:
-Direct check mate in two moves of the attacker
-Direct check mate in three moves of the attacker
-Direct check mate in four or more moves of the attacker
-End-game study
-Helped check mate
-Self-given check mate
-Retrograde analysis
-Fairy Chess
For new readers of Julia’s Fairies, the name ‘Fairy Chess’ is given to any board game more or less similar to standard European Chess (regulated by the Federation Internationale Des Echecs, by the International Correspondence Chess Federation, by the World Federation for Chess Composition, and other institutions of international scope), but ‘Fairy Chess’ presents some difference regarding board, pieces, rules or goals.
‘Fairy Chess’ may include regional or historical varieties such as Japanese Shogi, Korean Janggi, Chinese Xiangqi, Mongolian Shatar, Cambodjan Ouk, Siamese Makruk, Burmese Sittuyin, Abyssinian Senterej, Indian Chaturanga and Chaturaji, Persian Chatrang, Arabian Shatranj, Iberian Grande Axedrez, German Courier, Tartar Timur Lenk, Byzantine Zatrikion, and others. Together with recent inventions, there are thousands of Chess varieties. About 1500 of them can be played at https://www.chessvariants.com/
An introduction to Fairy Chess can be read in Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairy_chess
Regarding Fairy Chess, 87 participants have sent a total of 496 compositions. In the edition of 2016-2018 there were 84 participants who sent 482 compositions of Fairy Chess, which shows an increase of interest in varieties of the game, besides those compositions that conform to the accepted international standard.
Here are the rules for participation in the edition of 2019-2021:
The compositions sent to the World Federation can be studied here:
Software for Portable Document Format of Adobe Corporation is necessary for seeing the compositions, the rules require from all participants the use of that format. Software for writing or reading PDF is easily available in Internet for various operating systems. At a minimum, extracting text and images is possible.
The publication of results of the competition is scheduled by the World Federation for 30th June 2022.
Enthusiastic composers need not feel disappointed by the fact that the current edition of the competition does not accept more submissions. There are OTHER competitions. The most recent ones are listed here:
I may be somewhat suspicious for affirming what I am going to affirm, but it is my belief that the very BEST place for sending compositions is exactly here, in the Web page of Julia’s Fairies dedicated to Fairy Chess:
Problems of retrograde analyses have a separate competition, with a period of two years. They are here:
Readers or new members of Julia’s Fairies who have any ideas, questions, doubts, or suggestions, are invited to write in Latvian, English or Russian to the Web Master, Lady Julia Vysotska, to the address:
julia AT juliasfairies DOT com
The address above has been given like that for preventing automatic harvesting of addresses, a practice that is often used for spamming purposes. The correct address is obtained by replacing the string ‘AT’ with the symbol ‘@’ and the string ‘DOT’ with the symbol ‘.’ in single horizontal line without surrounding spaces.
Operators of Linux or of other Unics systems can also write to me, P. A. Stonemann, if they need advice or wish to exchange information regarding software for Fairy Chess in those systems. My general address is:
cssdixieland AT gmail DOT com

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