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Conflictio No.48 (Nov.23): “For some time, I have neglected looking into PAT A MAT issues. It was possible thanks to the fact that I have been receiving a lot of input from other authors of articles. Now the time has come to review three PAT A MAT issues at once 123-125.” (J.L.)


I am happy to announce a Jubilee Tourney to celebrate my 75th birthday. Send computer tested (Popeye or Winchloe) entries to N.Shankar Ram (email: The closing date for entries is March 31st 2024. The winners will receive book prizes. The award (to be judged by me) could be divided into different sections if justified and will be published in The Problemist.” – K.Seetharaman

Superguards: a unit (including K) cannot be captured if it is observed by a unit of its own colour.

    21st Romanian Tzuica Tourney

    Batumi 2-9 September 2023

    21st Romanian Tzuica Tourney
    Judges: Vlaicu Crişan & Eric Huber (Romania)

    Theme: Helpself compositions (hs#n/hs=n) with at least 2 solutions showing each at least one Battery Dismantling.

    (see the full Announcement in PDF)

    Prizes – diplomas that will save the planet and bottles of Tzuica | The tourney is open worldwide.
    Deadline: Wednesday, September 6th, 8 p.m | Send to: Eric Huber by e-mail at

    Günter Büsing 75 Jubilee Tourney

    Die Schwalbe and feenschach announce a joint

    Günter-Büsing-75 Jubilee Tourney

    Stipulated theme: Helpmate with at least three moves presenting a “helpmate of the future” (at least two pairs of solutions, each pair showing a separate theme).

    Two sections: I) orthodox; II) with any fairy elements.

    Send your contributions to the controller Thomas Brand (, closing date is March 31, 2023.

    Judges: Hans Gruber & Ulrich Ring | Prizes: 300 EUR.

    Examples can be found here:

    18th TT by Phénix (C 25.12.2022)

    Announcement of the 18th thematic tourney by Phénix


    On the occasion of Rex Multiplex 40 years anniversary the editorial staff of Phénix is organizing the
    fairy composition tournament Rex Multiplex-40.

    • Section I «Opposition». Judge : Bruno Kampmann
    • Section II «Coopération». Judge : Hans Gruber
    • Section III «Tanagras». Judge: Maryan Kerhuel
    • Section IV «Rétros». Judge: Thierry Le Gleuher

    Final date of entries is December 25th 2022 | Announcement with examples | The problems must be sent to the tourney Director : Laurent Riguet,

    RIFACE 2022 : composing tournaments

    The 43th RIFACE (International Meeting in France for Chess Problems Lovers) will take place in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, 4th-6th June, 2022.

    Themes of composing tournaments:

    Thème aidés.pdf | Thème féerique.pdf | Thème rétro.pdf

    Address to send the entries : for Helpmates and Fairies; for retro problems. Time limit to send the entries : Sunday 5th June at 15:00 (French time)

    Add-a-Year 65 JT (ECSC 2022)

    Add-a-Year 65 JT

    A quick composing tournament in the frames of ECSC 2022
    dedicated to Marjan Kovačević’s 65th jubilee

    Theme: Construct a position where adding one piece creates a #2 with unique key-move.
    There must be at least one genuine „Add-a-piece try“, failing because of a single cook (second key-move).

    The unusual title Add-a-Year 65 JT, was inspired by the words from birthday greetings I got from Michel today. I wanted this title to preserve the joyful mood I had with reactions to Add-a-Piece competition at the time of my 65th birthday. (Marjan Kovačević, 08.04.2022)

    Judge: Marjan Kovačević | Director: Borislav Gadjanski | Deadline: 29th April (midnight ECT).
    Send problems (with FEN, solution and tries) to

    Munich Fairy Chess Tourney 2022 – С130922

    Munich Fairy Chess Tourney 2022

    The mpk-Blaetter announces the Munich Fairy Tourney 2022 with the theme Influencer chess. Problems of any stipulation are required (direct-, self-, reflex-, help-, helpself-) with any target (-mate, -stalemate, -arrival square, -castling, …) or proof games, all alternating or in series, with any move number on a 8×8 board.

    See the definition and examples in PDF Announcement (German & English).

    The theme is free. | Further fairy pieces or fairy conditions are not accepted.
    Judge: Manfred Rittirsch | Tournament director: Rolf Kohring | Closing date: September 30th, 2022
    Submissions should be sent to (preferred) or Rolf Kohring, Bolkamer Straße 5a, D-83104 Tuntenhausen, Germany.

    Jubilee Theme Tourney by Hungarian Chess Composers website

    The Hungarian Chess Composers website on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the introduction of the site, announces a Jubilee Theme Tourney in Orthodox and Fairy sections.

    Theme: Helpmate in 3 or more moves, which including battery creation with three or more solutions.
    I.) In solutions a) and b), A and B form two-way batteries, then give battery mates. The front piece cannot attack the king in the mate position.
    II.) In solution c), after the front piece (A) of the battery that has been created is captured, the long-range piece (B) of the battery gives mate.

    Judges: I. Orthodox section: Ladislav Packa |  II. Fairy section: Vlaicu CRISAN 
    Fairy pieces and fairy conditions are allowed.

    Please, send computer tested problems only (indicate the program used for testing), to tournament director János Mikitovics,, till September 30, 2022.
    Number of entries per composer: no limit | Joint problems: no limit | The prize money pool is: € 1,000.
    The Premilinary and Final Award will be published on the Hungarian Chess Composers website.