Arnold Beine 70 JT by the Schwalbe

Arnold Beine 70 JT by the Schwalbe


237th theme tourney of the Schwalbe

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Schwalbe Fairy editor Arnold Beine Die Schwalbe announces a thematic tourney.

Theme: Required are fairy proof games (not A→B) with the following theme: A Schnoebelen piece is captured by a pawn, this pawn promotes and then is captured (no matter whether as Schnoebelen, Prentos or as Ceriani-Frolkin).
The theme calls for one or more fairy conditions that allow pawns to enter and leave the 1st/8th rank (e.g. Pointreflection, Annanchess+make&take, etc). No more than 3 fairy conditions are permitted.

Submissions should be sent to the director Rainer Kuhn, Hammanstr. 23, 67549 Worms, Gernmany.
E-Mail: | Deadline: Feb 28, 2025 | Judge: Arnold Beine | Prize fund: 150 EUR.

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April 29, 2024 16:48

Theme too complex (for newbies to PG) like me

Joost de Heer
Joost de Heer
April 30, 2024 08:56

You can use fairy conditions that allow promotions on other ranks than the 1st/8th rank (e.g. Mecklenberger chess) avoiding the need tor fairy conditions allowing pawns to enter/leave the first rank.

Paul Raican
May 19, 2024 21:37
Reply to  Joost de Heer

Or Glasgow Chess

Joost de Heer
Joost de Heer
May 20, 2024 23:25
Reply to  Paul Raican

You’d still need a second fairy condition to allow a pawn capture of the Schnoebelen piece, Mecklenberger chess won’t need a second condition.

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