Some useful Links


  • Popeye – solving program for Windows, Linux, MacOSX
  • WinChloe – storing and solving program by Christian Poisson
  • Ankona – сreates diagrams, stores and solves chess problems (using Popeye engine) by Ilja Ketris
  • APwin – Windows graphical front for Alybadix and Popeye by Paul H. Wiereyn
  • Olive Linux/Windows Graphical User Interface for Popeye/Chest by Dmitry Turevsky
  • Py2Web – Utility for embedding chess problems viewer into the webpages, by Dmitry Turevsky
  • Jacobi – a web app that can solve fairy proof games, by François Labelle
  • Teddy – Windows Graphical User Interface for Popeye and Jacobi, by Bjørn Enemark

Informative sites:

Chess magazines:

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Luis Nunes
Luis Nunes
April 22, 2013 18:46

Hi Julia,

Thanks a lot for your site full of interesting resources for us who like fairy chess. I’m from São Paulo, Brazil, and maybe I’m almost the only fairy chess enthusiast here 🙂

I’d like to show you this book Guide to Fairy Chess, from 70’s. It’s a very good introduction and maybe you like it.

Wish you the best and keep up your good work on your site 🙂

Peter Boll
January 8, 2016 14:48

Nice website !
Could you make a link to
This site has a lot about endgame studies

January 8, 2016 15:47
Reply to  Peter Boll

Indeed is an essential place to visit for ending study lovers.

shankar ram
shankar ram
January 16, 2016 17:46
Reply to  Julia

Maybe if they promoted fairy endings…??

February 27, 2019 15:58

Dear Julia, what a wonderful blog you have! So much of useful and interesting articles, especially I loved General rules for the white and black pieces!

I am a big chess lover and even have a shop of handmade wooden chess sets , I thought it might be helpful to share with my resource with you 🙂

All the best to this amazing job you started !!!

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