Original Problems


Original Problems 

Please send original fairy problems for publication on Julia’s Fairies website to my e-mail: julia@juliasfairies.com

Published problems participate in the related competitions of given period. Retro & PG problems have a separate competition with 2-years period. In a case of several version, only the final one participate in the competition!

Informal competitions by periods

  • JF-2012: Fairies. Period: 2012. The judge: N.Shankar Ram.
  • JF-2013(I): Fairies. Period: January-April, 2013. The judge: Juraj Brabec.
  • JF-2013(II): Fairies. Period: May-August, 2013. The judge: Diyan Kostadinov.
  • JF-2013(III): Fairies. Period: September-December, 2013. The judge: Eric Huber.
  • JF-2014(I): Fairies. Period: January-April, 2014. The judge: Vlaicu Crișan.
  • JF-2014(II): Fairies. Period: May-August, 2014. The judge: Dmitri Turevski.
  • JF-2014(III): Fairies. Period: September-December, 2014. The judge: Kjell Widlert.
  • JF-R2013-14: Retro & PG. Period: 2013-2014. The judge: Hans Gruber.
  • JF-2015(I): Fairies. Period: January-June, 2015. The judge: Kostas Prentos.
  • JF-R2015-16: Retro & PG. Period: 2015-2016. The judge: Thomas Brand.
  • JF-2015(II): Fairies. Period: July-December, 2015. The judge: Ofer Comay.
  • JF-2016(I): Fairies. Period: January-June, 2016. The judge: Petko A. Petkov.
  • JF-2016(II): Fairies. Period: July-December, 2016. The judge: Franz Pachl.

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