WCO 2018 – Batumi, Fairy Award


From the tournament director I received 41 originals by 23 authors from 10 countries.
There was no limit to the number of problems an author could send (a novelty for this tournament!). This fact does not bother me. However, I would suggest in the future that in such cases a maximum of 2 or 3 problems in a section must be set.
I’m glad to say that the level of the competition is very high! This assessment, of course, applies in the highest degree to the problems awarded with prizes.
I express my gratitude to problem-friend Geoff Foster for the English version of my text!

→The Award in PDF

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3 Responses to WCO 2018 – Batumi, Fairy Award

  1. Ganapathiganapathi says:

    Ref. Com. prob-Hubert Gockel’s H#2(using Moose) I found you can reduce 2 Bl.pieces thus:-
    Remove Black Rf8, Pg2 and move Q from f2 to e1 and move B from c3 to f2 and it is C+

  2. Kostas Prentos says:

    The version loses the first Umnov, but besides the economy in material, it also improves the role of the pieces, especially of the bQ. The author probably chose to keep the Umnov effects, but it seems to me that Ganapathi’s version is preferable.

  3. Hubert Gockel says:

    Thank you, Ganapathi, for your version, which is interesting. But I want to preserve the composition’
    s “soul”: 4 “Umnows”.

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